Old URA Motor Vehicle Manual Ownership Transfer Form

Old URA Motor vehicle transfer When Uganda Revenue Authority introduced the e-services feature, many things people were used to changed. Among what changed included the motor vehicle transfers where application processing including payments and initiation moved from manual to automatic through URA’s web portal.

Yes, it no longer requires one to sign the old URA motor vehicle manual transfer forms since one is only required to log into his or her TIN, initiate the transfer and simply sign on the computer generated printed forms which are then handed over to URA licensing section Nakawa for approval.

However, there are situations where one must use the Old URA motor vehicle manual transfer (change of ownership) forms and which is mandatory. A situation like performing an Absentee motor vehicle transfer is one where such forms are required since when making a court order and affidavit, one must submit them in addition to other required documents.

Old URA motor vehicle transfer application form

Old URA Motor Vehicle Manual Ownership Transfer Form

If by any chance you have been wondering where you can find these Old URA motor vehicle manual transfer (change of ownership) forms, then consider yourself lucky that you have landed on the form as seen above.

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In any case where this form is required, all one needs is to download this form, save it on the computer, print a copy, fill in the required parts, sign and attach with any other document required before going for an affidavit in case of an absentee transfer.. It is all simple and easy.

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