One Coin Uganda Reviews – Is Legit or Scam? How It Works

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One Coin Uganda Reviews

So much has been said and written about One Coin Uganda. Very many questions have been raised and asked by the different individuals wanting to know what exactly this is. The one underlying question remains on whether One Coin Uganda is legitimate profiting investment to spend time on, or simply a scam activity which people should desist from?

In this post, I am sharing with you some information you may be interested to know with regard to One Coin Uganda. Whether you simply want to know how it works, or interested in knowing whether it is legit or scam, taking a few minutes off your time and reading this entire review might help you out with regard.

What is One Coin Uganda?

One Coin “is claimed” to be another cryptocurrency, operating similar just like BitCoin, LiteCoin, FedoraCoin, VirtaCoin and etc operates and this having branch office in Uganda, Kampala. According to, the official main website of this currency, One Coin claims to offer “borderless, low-cost financial transactions and connecting them to the financial world with millions of people across 195 countries” currently using the service, and too having the “biggest reserve currencies worldwide of up to 120 billion coins”.

In Uganda, One Coin has been advertised as an investment plan with “claims” that joining and investing as per the set guidelines will help one make more money in a passive way, something which Bank of Uganda seems not to agree with as seen on their Official statement and warning which was issued on Tuesday February 14, 2017, see details.

How One Coin Uganda works?

According to, where much info concerning this virtual cryptocurrency is found, subscribing to the different packages available including Rookie, Starter, Trader, Pro Trader, Executive Trader, Tycoon Trader, Premium Trader, Infinity Trader and Ultimate packages are solutions to the common question many ask with regard on how to make money with One Coin Uganda.

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All of the above packages “claims” to have different benefits and earning bonuses including subscription or upgrade amounts, points and earnings. It is “claimed” that the higher the package subscribed, the higher your earning powers and vice versa. As far as the “claimed” One coin Uganda earning system, it is almost similar if not very similar to Ponzi and MLM schemes available online, and which seem to be developing negative views each day which goes by.

A 10% direct bonus price sales of the package price registered is awarded to the referrer, in addition to other bonuses including from network, startups, matching, splits and onelifeclub, well as what many ask if if indeed one is able to get all of these. It is also claimed that every member has access to a free worldwide accepted mastercard, which makes it easy when it comes to transacting and withdraws in any location.

Is One Coin Uganda legitimate or scam?

Like I said in my introductory paragraph, a lot has been written, heard and read about One Coin Uganda. Many have reached to different conclusions out of facts while others out of what others said. Personally, I can’t simply judge them immediately but rather, I am still studying their operations having a close friend who joined and upgraded to a bonus supported membership. I am very sure that later on, I will be able to answer this question on whether they are legit or scam so you know. Leaving alone the BOU warning, different people have written different final views and conclusions with mine too being on the way.

One Coin Uganda Reviews – Is Legit or Scam? How It Works

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