Overnights On Vacation Do Not Have To Limit You To Your Motel Room

People like to travel and see new things. As you travel from place to place, you might find yourself in a large city, but other than planned destinations, evenings are most often limited to staying in your motel room while you wait for planned daytime venues to open.

If you also want to enjoy evening activities, you can research local venues on various electronic devices and most travelers have access to a GPS device to find their way in just about any city. The catch is digging through dozens or even hundreds of locations to find those that are open at night. It could take quite an effort to find what you are interested in and you are likely to miss many options.

The motel or hotel night shift begins their day around 11 PM. Most restaurants have closed by then, but the night shift should be able to help you find late night venues to serve your needs. I recently applied for a position in a local motel. A late night arrival spoke about car problems and a hard day’s travel. They asked where they could get something to eat before going to bed and the staff on duty could only offer a dumb look and an I don’t know. Food service at the motel was closed and the staff could not give them any alternatives. The guests ended up going to bed hungry. I was startled to witness that.

I live in this city. I know there are places that are open for late night food and entertainment. Since I was applying for a position with the night shift, I started thinking about that problem. Why not create a Night Shift Guide to Late Night Venues. I enjoy a research project as much as kids enjoy their video games. This sounded like a fun challenge to me.

I began researching local restaurants that were open past midnight. I reviewed hundreds of local venues and listed those with night time hours. During my research, I also thought about late night medical emergencies, so I added in the local emergency room at the hospital. I also thought about guests with service animals, so added in the local animal hospital emergency room.

I encountered several local restaurants with 24 hour service. I noted a local grocery store that offered 24 hour food service, so I also researched 24 hour grocery stores. I identified many local restaurants with a range of food and entertainment venues open into late night hours – at least midnight or later.

I identified 56 local available stops with night hours and grouped them in alphabetized lists including medical services, 24 hour restaurants, 24 hour grocery stores, and late night food and entertainment hot spots to create a master list.

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I began with the motel where I was applying for a position, researching detailed street by street driving directions from the motel to and back from each venue. It took a lot more effort than I expected. Many online directions only include something like “get on an interstate, take a certain exit and drive to your destination.” I had to view street maps to find the street by street names and turns to fill in the blanks so the street directions were complete. I was surprised to find directions online that were just plain wrong and had to research the correct routes by visually studying those maps.

Customizing the to and from directions for each new place is like playing a new version of my game. I have now completed customized lists with detailed directions to and from 8 local motels as gifts for their night shifts. I found 106 accommodations in our region, so I only have 98 games left to play. By the time I finish this series, any motel or hotel night shift clerk in town should be able to guide their out of town guests to all the night spots in town.

In exchange for the gift to each of the accommodations, I made arrangements with the management to offer their guests an option. They can go out on their own with detailed directions, or they can place their order at any venue and pay for it with their credit card. Then just call me for a flat rate pick up and COD delivery right to their motel. I am already getting calls each night. I could end up making more at this than I would have if I had taken the full time night clerk job.

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