Oximiser 900 12v Motorcycle Battery Charger Hands-on Review

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B007MM9HNU&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=tkhcodes 20&language=en USir?t=tkhcodes 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B007MM9HNULets face the reality – A bad motorcycle battery will most likely cause you trouble like it did to me during times when you can’t expect such to happen, but how? By the time you realize it, the bike towing company would have already done the work, with an invoice awaiting your clearance.

The above isn’t a story but rather a fact, and a reason you must read the Oximiser 900 battery charger hands-on review. As far as I know, a low volage battery won’t allow your bike starter to do its work however much the lights will go on once you turn the key. The result will be that clicking sound many riders wouldn’t want to hear.

In order to stay on a safe side, having a 12 volt motorcycle battery charger at hand will save not only your money but also gurantee you of a safe trip free from interruptions. But how do you choose the the right charger to use?

With so many battery charger brands all out there, sometimes it is hard to tell which one will work perfect which in many cases make buyers go for the less worthy product without knowing. From experience, all I can say is that the Oximiser 900 12v motorcycle charger will do for you a good job just like it did for me – yes, I bought it as a replacement for my failed Yuasa.

Why I like Oximiser 900 12v motorcycle battery charger?

Oxford OF571AVUS Oximiser 900Check current price at Amazon

1. Works perfect:

While my Yuasa charger could get my bike battery up, the Oximiser 900 did. When I first experienced a low voltage which failed my motorcycle to start, I had to borrow from my neighbor who had this same product I am reviewing. His accessory helped me enjoy that day’s ride forgetting what would happen after I park. The next day, I failed to start once again and all I did was to Order mine since I had tried it myself and also read some reviews from others.

2. It is automatic

Unlike others which require manual intervention in order to charge, the Oximiser 900 is automatic. It does the work using its 5 automatic stages which helps your motorcycle batter increase its voltage within no more waiting time. Additionally, this automatic feature ensures that the battery is well charged to full and maintains the top level even after it is thus improving your motorcycles battery performance.

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3. It has an LCD

When it come to helping the user to monitor performance, the Oximiser 900 battery charger works best. You are able to tracks charging status using the LCD display screen. The LCD has a back light indicator which makes it perfect for use even during night time.

4. An amp meter

In addition to the LCD, the AMP meter allows you track your charging voltage on a continous basis. You are also able to know how many amps your battery is taking including low and full voltage levels including a warning light. You are able to turn the key on when you are sure the battery levels will allow your starter to run.

5. Easy to use

Using the charger is very simple and easy. If you can’t, all you need is to grab the Oxford oximiser 900 manual and get started. I myself used it from a direction of a friend whom I had borrowed from when my bike failed to start for the first time.

What I dislike about this charger?

With the very many likes, there is this thing I don’t really want about the Oximiser 900. When the battery goes below certain levels, the charger will sometimes fail to add on voltage.

However, this is a minor issue since the manufacture already mentioned the two instances where you may fail – when the battery levekls go below 4.1 volts or when the battery has been damaged – call it dead.

Final verdict

With the very many positives as seen above compared to a single negative, it definately means that the Oximiser 900 12v motorcycle battery charger is a great product. In fact, that attributes to these reviews and ratings from the different buyers which have tested the product. If you were looking for a replacement 12v charger for your motorcycle battery, I would recommend you try out this product.

Written by KWS Adams

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