Ozark Trail 500-Lumen Ultra-Bright Deluxe Lantern Reviews

Ozark Trail 500-Lumen The [[[Ozark Trail 500 Lumen lantern]]] is a product you might need for your lighting needs. It is built with Ultra-bright CREE LED technology, very handy and with lots of featured which when combined, your entire lighting experience turns awesome. This Ozark Trail 500 Lumen is more than just an Ultra deluxe lantern, it has capacity to give you light for up to 68 hours constantly assuming you chose the 65 lumen option. I have reviewed it just for you.

What we like about this product

Battery Life – The The Ozark Trail 500 Lumen has a battery life of up to 21 hours with an option to run up to 68 hours depending on the lumen option you chose.

Very handy – Yes, when it assembled, it is only 11.61 x 5.35 x 5.35 Inches and which makes it convenient to carry since its potable.

Material – Unlike other lanterns you might have come cross, this Ozark Trail 500 lumen is made has plastic material. For you love plastics, this might be your choice.

Light settings – There is support for up to 3 different lighting options including; the high (500 lumens, 21 hours time and 10 meters range), the low (30 lumens, 720 hours, 2 meter range) and an indirect setting (75 lumens, 68 hours and 1 meter range).

Bulb life – This Ultra Bright Deluxe Lantern is said to have a lifetime bulb life. This means that not only will use the lamp, but even your grands might be able to use it depending on how you keep it.

Ratings – Out of all ratings by customers, the Ozark has a 4.8 out of 5 stars. This means that many of those who bought this product were satisfied compared with the price.

Sells rank – This product has a high selling rank when compared with similar products on the different sites for example,its ranked #89 in outdoors.

Pricing – From as low as $24.82 only, one is able to get a lantern which is read to work for long hours.

Ozark 500 Lumen

What we don’t like about it

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Batteries not included – The 4 D batteries which power this lantern are not part of what you get. But you can always order these [[[4 D batteries]]] from say Walmart.com together with the lamp, which makes the battery problem solved.

Dangerous chemicals – This is what is written on the sales page of this product on Walmart. But, the dangers can be avoided if you make use of the product the way its recommended to by the manufacture.

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Conclusion – From the findings, the Ozark Trail 500-Lumen Ultra-Bright Deluxe Lantern is a great product which you will find helpful. This is due to its features and pros as you can see above. Comparing the likes and dislikes automatically shows that the product is a good one. Best quality for better use. Over to you.

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