Packity Affiliate Program Review! They Pay $3 Per Referral

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Packity affiliate program review

If you are looking for affiliate programs that pay daily, you read the title well. Introducing to you affiliate, one of the best programs I have stumbled upon and confirmed to be legitimate. Yes, when I was introduced to them, I never thought that they were real. But when one of my referrals reached the minimum requirements for me as the referrer to get paid, my payment came in, thus helping me conclude how they were real.

Unlike those fake affiliate marketing programs which simply claim than living on it exactly, Packity is totally different. They do exactly as they say and thus being a highly recommended program to join for anyone who loves making money online.

How fast can you make money with Packity’s affiliate program largely depends on your marketing tips and tricks since the more you refer, the higher your chances of doubling the $3 paid per referral. If you can refer 10 people daily for a 30 days, that is 3 multiply by 10 which is 30 multiply by 300 which equals to $9,000 monthly.

What is Packity?

According to’s Packity review, “Packity is that service which allows members to earn by simply sharing their unused bandwidth”. What does it mean? If you are a daily computer user, chances are that you’ll earn more off this program since there are those minutes which you spend without using your machine.

Since “Packity’s application will run in the background while ensuring that minimal [[[CPU usage]]]”, you won’t even know how your earnings will accumulate. For more on this, refer to full review linked above.

How does Packity affiliate program work?

Like many other existing best affiliate programs to make money using your computer, Packity requires one to create an account – I mean to join them and grab his or her affiliate link. For each member who joins under your referral link, you earn $3 once your referral stays connected for a minimum of 7 days.

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How to withdraw affiliate earnings?

Packity payment proof PayPal

Unlike what many related programs do (allowing you to make cashout requests), Packity operates differently. Once you enter and save your Payment processor info which is a PayPal email, all accrued payments which be sent automatically at the end of the month. You do’t have to worry about getting paid since this program is legitimate and they paid me too. Best of all, you can also contact them to see if your Payment date can be adjusted to.

Is Packity’s affiliate marketing worth it?

They quick answer is YES, they are worth it. As far as I know, what makes anything worth is living by what they say. Since members are paid, I see no reason to say they aren’t worth. The best thing you can do is to try them and confirm by yourself..

Join Packity using my link and let all of us earn. If you decide to go direct, here is the link but you’ll miss the benefits.

Packity Affiliate Program Review! They Pay $3 Per Referral

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