Pakistan: Consultant Nutrition Causal Analysis

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Organization: UN Children's Fund
Country: Pakistan
Closing date: 27 Nov 2015


Pakistan is facing high burden of acute and chronic malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies among children and pregnant and lactating women. According to National Nutrition Survey (NNS, 2011), an estimated 15.1% and 44% children under the age of five year wasted and stunted respectively. High rate of acute and chronic malnutrition is associated with high morbidity and mortality among children and pregnant and lactating women. Micronutrient malnutrition such as Vitamin A, Iron/Folic, Iodine and Zinc deficiencies are also highly prevalent among the target age groups. According to NNS 2011, an estimated 61.9% preschool children and 50.4% pregnant women are anemic, while 54% children and 46% women are vitamin A deficient. The situation is further aggravated by chronic food insecurity, high inflation rates, poor quality of care at delivery point and inadequate access, high incidence of infectious diseases and suboptimal infant and young child feeding practices. The survey reported that an estimated 58% of households in Pakistan are food insecure and 29.6% are considered to be living in a state of moderate or severe hunger.

There is gradual scaled up of nutrition program in last few year with focus on the most vulnerable and emergency affected districts in all four province and Pakistan Assisted Kashmir (PAK). Currently the nutrition response is implemented in 45 districts across all four provinces and PAK.

UNICEF through ECHO support is implementing nutrition intervention in districts Tharparkar and Jamshoro in Sindh province. Both these districts are declared as drought affected by the government and the continue drought over the last few year resulted in high morbidity and mortality among children, attributed to poor nutritional status of the affected population. According to latest nutrition surveys and program data, global acute malnutrition are well above the emergency threshold (>15%) in these two districts. The integrated phase classification (IPC) classified districts Tharparkar and Jamshoro as sever and highly food insecure respectively. Access to clean drinking water and sanitation is also very poor in the same geographic locations

To understand the contributing factors toward high burden of acute and chronic malnutrition and explore association among them, UNICEF will hired a consultant to carry out causal analysis in districts Tharparkar and Jamshoro. The consultant will lead the design and implementation of nutrition causal analysis including data collection, analysis and report writing and will also engage stakeholders/partners at district and provincial.

Purpose of consultancy:

The consultancy is aimed to conduct Nutrition Causal Analysis in drought affected districts, i.e. Tharparkar and Jamshoro in Sindh province. The NCA aimed to do in depth analysis of causes, which contribute to malnutrition and explore association among them. The main objective of the NCA is to identify and understand the causes of acute malnutrition in the study area in order to improve the advocacy and the design and implementation of nutrition programing.The consultant will be based in Sindh province with frequent travel to districts and will work closely with Nutrition Working Group (NWG) at national and provincial level, Provincial Nutrition Cell, District Health Offices, Ministry of National Health Services Regulation and Coordination (MoNHSR &C), UNICEF offices and partners working in Sindh province.
Task to be Performed**

  1. Signing of contract.
  2. Submission of inception report: which covers; initial preparatory work, secondary review of data source, drafting hypothesis, framework and methodology for study and study timeline.
  3. Submission of research tools and timeline: finalization of data collection tools, pretesting and translation, recruit and train team and finalized time line in consultation with stakeholders.
  4. Submission of first draft of report.
  5. Presentation of findings to stakeholders at provincial and national level.
  6. Submission of final report.


  1. Signed copy of contract – (December, 2015).
  2. Inception report – (December , 2015).
  3. Copy of research tools, operation plan, including timeline – (January and February , 2016).
  4. Copy of first draft of report – (March, 2016).
  5. Dissemination workshop with stakeholders successfully held, includes powerpoint presentation an workshop report – (March, 2016).
  6. Copy of final report – (March , 2016).

Estimated Duration of Contract:

Duration of the contract is 4 months.

Qualifications or Specialized Knowledge/Experience Required AND COMPETENCIES

· Post graduate degree in Social Sciences, Anthropology, Public Health or Nutrition;

· Minimum of five year relevant experience

· Good understanding of research methodologies, qualitative and quantitative data analysis and report writing;

· Previous experience of research in similar capacity in the field of nutrition in emergency context;

· Previous experience of conducting nutrition causal analysis in similar context ;

· Good understanding of direct and indirect nutrition interventions;


· Good negotiation and communication skill;

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· Ability to work effectively and harmoniously in diverse cultural background;

· Good knowledge of computer applications required;

· Good judgment, initiative, high sense of responsibility & sensitive to different cultures.

How to apply:

Interested candidates are requested to clearly mention "Consultant Nutrition Causal Analysis" in the subject of email and send CV on [email protected]

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