Paying Uganda Social Media Tax using Airtel Money

How_to_pay_social_media_tax_on_Airtel_and_MTN_Uganda_sff7pq In this DIY, I will show you instantly how to pay social media tax using Airtel money and MTN mobile money in Uganda. If you haven’t yet tried paying this new OTT Service Tax which was introduced recently by the Uganda government, then this post will be helpful to you.

Paying OTT service tax call it social media tax means full access to your favorite social network sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and all others. Unlike in the past before the introduction of this over the top tax, people used to enjoy unlimited social networking and make that “lugambo” just like I did but now, it is a must for one to pay in order to enjoy unless otherwise, and which will be for next time.

Well, if you are an Airtel subscriber, good news for you. Regardless of whether you have your line loaded with Airtel money or not, the fact is that you can still pay OTT social tax and continue enjoying depending on your service choice.

Subscribers who chose to pay rather than using VPN’s choose between daily which costs Ushs 200/=, weekly which goes for Ugx 1,400/= and or monthly which goes up to 6,000/=. This doesn’t change whether you are an Airtel, MTN or Orange subscriber.

How to pay social media tax (OTT) using Airtel money

For those of you on Airtel network, please follow the procedures below to pay social service tax on Airtel in Uganda. Ensure that you have credited your Airtel money account with funds.

  • Dial *185# and OK.
  • Choose 2 for Airtime / Data bundles.
  • Choose 5 for OTT service Tax
  • Choose 1 for self or 2 for another user / number.
  • Choose between daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Enter your Mobile money PIN and off you are done.

You will receive a notification on the success of your transaction. You are now ready to enjoy Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and the Likes.

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