Payoneer Card Withdraw/POS Transaction Email Notifications – How To Receive Them?

Payoneer Card Withdraw/POS Transaction Email Notifications - How To Receive Them? When you receive money on your Payoneer MasterCard, you get an instant notification in your email alerting you but when you use your card to withdraw money on supported ATM’s worldwide, and or make any other Internet Purchase or perform a POS, you don’t get any email notification not until you log in to your account dashboard to see all transaction details.

The failure to have alerts send to account holder email address definitely means that assuming an account card information and details are compromised without the owners notice, one might end up losing all the money on the account and only to know when its too late may be since one will only get to know about any transaction after logging in and for those who take long to do so, then chances are that they will fall victims.

I personally like the way providers like PayPal and others do when it comes to notifying users about their account activities since it helps in having any invalid or unauthorized transactions reported in time, and something which can help in having issues solved.

I have read so much in the Payoneer support forum and many users seem to be interested in such – having email notifications sent when a transaction affecting credit on ones card is made and apart from promises of looking into that, the option looks never to have been put into place even on an optional basis unless otherwise.

Having email notifications about account activity would do much better when it comes to security issues of an account in situations like when a card is lost or stolen and others get access to it.

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Am not a Payoneer staff and nor part of their team but from and end user basis, I do believe that having such would mean much to Payoneer users and members and am looking forward to getting a response from anyone assuming he or she happens to read this post about the same. Also, join using this link and getup to $100 free.

Do you use Payoneer currently or planning to use them? Feel free to share your thoughts about the same using the comment box below.

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