PayPal Uganda Vs Payoneer Uganda

PayPal Uganda vs Payoneer UgandaIn Uganda, both PayPal and Payoneer are people’s choices when it comes to payment payment processing. While PayPal has account restriction when it comes to what kind of transactions one can do, Payoneer on the other hand has none apart from their terms of use. Lets explore more on which is better between the two options.

Uganda is one of PayPal Africa supported countries where accounts are restricted to sending payments other than receiving or getting paid like it is the case for other countries like Kenya. This kind of limitation is one reason why many end up choosing Payoneer since for you can receive payments in addition to performing card to card transfers.

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Paypal sign up Uganda

Signing up for PayPal Uganda account is free and it begins by visiting their website and creating an account. Since the account limits to sending only, linking a debit or credit card to your account is mandatory in order to make transactions. Several banks including Centenary, UBA, DFCU, DTB, Equity and etc offers such cards which can be linked to your account.

How to get a Payoneer Mastercard in Uganda

Once you sign up for a free Payoneer Uganda account, a Mastercard is one thing you should expect. Filling the Payoneer questionnaire which outlines your sources of income and verification document uploading will lead you to getting a Payoneer Mastercard in Uganda. The Mastercard works on all supported ATM points thus meaning that access to one’s funds is possible from anywhere around the world.

Accessing PayPal and Payoneer support

Like all other providers, both the above have customer support services with the difference being how you reach them. With Payoneer, you can reach support through email, chat, call or forum. On the other hand, through email, help questions and call, you are able to contact PayPal support and get response to all your queries.

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Making Payoneer to PayPal transfers

In the past years, it was very possible to make Payoneer to PayPal funds transfers. All what was requires was linking the two accounts i.e the Payoneer issued bank account (Bank of America, etc) and your PayPal account. Thereafter one would click withdraw while logged into PayPal and funds would be available to their MasterCard within a few days at a small transfer fee. But now, this is no longer possible.

Payoneer fees calculator

Payoneer fees calculators are very helpful when it comes to understanding associated fees, commissions, limits, exchange rates when when transacting. Be card issue fees, withdrawing from ATM points in Uganda, points of sale, paying online and etc, such calculators are very useful.

PayPal fee calculator international

PayPal fee calculator tools are very helpful when it comes to helping you understand the associated charges when transacting. Be sending, receiving, paying and etc, using such calculators will help you know how much you will be charged from your account.

PayPal or Payoneer which one is better?

You can easily tell which is better among the two by taking into account the different factors including why you have the account. For online buyers, PayPal is safe and much better since it has option to use your very Payoneer card.

On the other hand, for those who work online from Uganda, Payoneer’s ability to allow you receive money cross borders makes it a better choice since it has no limits when it comes to transacting.

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