PayPal Account Australia – How To Create, Verify, Send / Receive Money, Shop And Sell

Paypal Account Australia This is a PayPal account Australia all in one guide. Reading this tutorial takes you through the different steps involved right from how to create an account, how to verify it with your credit, debit or virtual credit card, how to send money, how to recovery money, how to buy and how to sell. By going through it entirely, you are guaranteed of learning how to and what it takes to get your own PayPal account while in Australia.

Australia is a continent, and country while on the other hand, PayPal is a payment processor which allows you to send or receive money, to make purchases and payments online, and very many others. The big question which many ask is when it comes to getting started with a PayPal account Australia. And below are the step by step guide right from the start to the end, for as long as you follow everything as seen below.

How to create a PayPal account Australia?

The entire process of creating your account is very simple. All you need is to point your browser to PayPal’s website, select the type of account you want to open for example personal or business and hit sign up button. Fill in all required details and follow prompts. At the end of it all, you will have to verify your email address.

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Paypal Account Australia Create

How to verify your PayPal Australia account?

In order to verify your account, you will need to either link a credit, debit or virtual card, and or a bank account. This will allow you to have your account verified and which will lift the default sending limits. Read here on how to verify your PP accounts easily.

How to send or receive money?

To send or receive money is very simple. You only need to log into your account, create and send an invoice to the person you want to send money to you, and or simply give him, her or them your account email and you will get paid. To send money, you simply have to click on the send link, enter the account email, amount, shipping address and you are done as simple as that.

How to shop or sell online?

In order to sell, you have to set up PayPal as your process and integrate their API into your cart. Or, you can simply create a selling button and add it on your site. Or, sell on those sites which accept PayPal payments for example eBay or even Woocommerce and many others. Every time your item is added into cart, you will be paid into your account. And to buy, select this as the payment option and pay afterwards.

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