PayPal Payment Under Review Advice

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PayPal payment on hold

Why is my PayPal payment under review is a common question many users ask. This is due to PayPal putting on hold some of the payment transactions, and which many don’t understand as to why it happens, thus seeking advice.

For the years I have been using PayPal for my online transactions involving both sending and receiving money to and from different individuals and companies, I have had many of my payments go through the review process, and with all being cleared afterwards.

Why are PayPal payments put under review?

According to PayPal’s website, such reviews are enforced as”a security measure to protect their sellers where they put on hold such transactions review potentially higher-risk payments within minutes of it being sent and ask the seller not to deliver the item, or service, associated with this payment”.

Transaction BLALALALALA under PayPal Payment Review

As far as I know basing on my own user experience, first time large payments, big sum direct payments from unverified and sometimes verified senders and retrievers, etc are some of the reasons my payments have always been put on hold.

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What do when PayPal transaction is put on hold?

PayPal payment review email

If your transaction has been put under PayPal payment review, my advise to you is simple, rest be assured that your money will be cleared unless sources are illegal. Since such holds are security measures to avoid illegals transactions, they are always cleared once confirmed to be legit transactions usually within 24 hours.

My PayPal payment under review advice

The next time you find yourself in such a situation, you shouldn’t worry. Just wait within 24 hours and your transaction will be cleared. In cases you are selling, you can as well hold to ship the goods or offer the service not until PayPal gives you a go ahead to ship.

PayPal Payment Under Review Advice

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