Review – Is It Legit/Scam? Instantly Sell/Promote/Earn Affiliate Commission

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Hey, ever heard of PaySpree? Do you know how it works? Do you want to know whether its legitimate or scam? Do you want to discover how its 100% affiliate commission earnings work? Do you want to make full use of the service so as to earn more than you can imagine? You have landed the right review and article since by the time you go through it all, you will have discovered what you should know. is a marketplace as well as an affiliate commission based provider where you can sell all of your digital goods like eBooks and or promote anything of your choice while earning commission. Affiliates earn up to 100% commission on all promoted offers and which means that you can earn instant cash on every successful purchase of what your are promoting.

On Pay-Spree, its free to join and create an account which works two-way for example to sell and to promote. And either way, you will be making that money you want. Your marketing power does determine how much you may earn at any time.

On Pays-Spree, you are allowed to list up to one item for sale as a free member which can be recurring, regular or other type while you can promote unlimited items still as a free member. Upgraded members can list unlimited items for sale in the market and thus increasing their chances of earning even more.

How Does It Work? The way Payspree works is interesting. You are required to add your item or product sales or destination URL or link, the payment success page, the item description, the price and the affiliate percentage. And once you save the item, you copy the Buy now or add to card button which you can embed in your sales URL and save.

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On every successful payment, the buyer details are recorded in your account and which means easy tracking and contacts if you need to. The same information goes on your payment processor you choose among PayPal, Skrill (Monyebookers) or Alertpay.

How to sale or promote? To sell, you need to create an account and log in. Go to products and select the one of your choice. Add the details required and you will be set to go. In order to promote, simply log in and head to marketplace. Copy the promotion links and add them anywhere.

How to select a payment processor? Hmmm, log in and go to your account settings. Add the email address of your choice e.g PayPal and save.

Is Legitimate or Scam? Gosh, the answer is that they are legitimate at least basing on my own experience. You earn 100% earnings unlike Payhip which takes some percentage.

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  1. I hate Payspree. They made my PayPal account permanently banned. PayPal said that I was dealing in MLM and showed a site which had the Payspree sales Button. No, I hate it and its a real scam.

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