Popular 30 Facebook [Social Media] Acronyms Explained

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Popular Facebook Acronyms Explained

If you are connected to any of the top social media channels including Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and etc, chances are that you have already seen or received such tests containing an Acronym you either understood or didn’t. Many people create such acronyms for us on social media for reason being the need to shorten conversations which may have otherwise appeared very long.

If you were wondering what the best 30 popular Facebook or Social media acronyms were, here is the top 30 best list for 2017. All you need is to take your time, go through and get used to each of them so that next time you happen to see any, you are well aware of the meaning. Most of them are easy to grasp and understand. All you need is time. Find them below.

IIRC stands for If I Remember Correctly
TTYL stands for Talk to you later
CYE stands for check your email
FYI stands for For Your Information
LMK stands for Let Me Know
ZZZ stands for Sleeping
LOL stands for Laugh out Loud
LMAO stands for Laugh My Ass Off
IDK stands for I don’t Know
SD stands for Sweet Dreams

GM stands for Good Morning
BBZ stands for Babes
ROFL stands for rolling on the floor laughing
KK stands for Okay
MFM stands for Are You Male or Female?
ASL stands for Tell me your Age, Sex and Location
ROFL stands for Rolling on Floor Laughing
BFF stands for Best Friends Forever
PLZ stands for Please
SRY stands for Sorry

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KL stands for Cool
PPL stands for People
BRB stands for Be Right Back
Tnx stands for Thanks
JK stands for Just kidding
B4 stands for Before
K stands for Okay
TY stands for Thank You
XOXO stands for hugs and kisses
LWKMD stands for Laugh won kill me die

LWKMD4H stands for Laugh won kill me die for Here
FB stands for Facebook
L8R stands for Later
GR8 stands for Great
BTW stands for By The Way
LMFAO stands for Laugh my ….
WTH stands for What the hell
ASAP stands for As Soon As Possible
GN stands for Good Night

The next time you come across any of the above, just answer accordingly as its will be meaning to the explanation above. These acronyms are in short and I added the full meaning. Enjoy and please share any others you may know in the comment form. I will be glad to update the post and add them..

Popular 30 Facebook [Social Media] Acronyms Explained

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