PostAnyArticle & AdLandPro Automatic Link Redirecting

Postanyarticle website links are behaving the weird way when they automatically redirect a web visitor to AdLandPro classified Website. At first, I thought that may be my browser had been hijacked but as time went on, I realized that this was something set other than a magic and now that I have been testing the site and how it redirects on different devices and browsers, I have confirmed that its a known redirect of the site.

It pisses me off everytime I try to follow a web search link point to and end up view a classified website forcefully other than the contents am intersted in and really wonder why this happens – I meam why PPA decided this way.
one of my friend who has a member account on the site has been locked out of the site for some months now since he can’t log in due to this redirect.

I am a fun of the internet and visiting the different sites on a daily basis since sometimes, I need to read other related contents for reference purposes before I do mine but Postanyarticle has been a great disappointment for me.

I first came across about the same issue when on one question and answer site but so far, the issue looks to be anywhere on the different websites where readers are complaining about the same although PPA has never come out to say something about this.

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Oh, let me guess that PPA is paying internet users the price of trying to check on their website – and am sure without web hits, the site can’t stay still forever but then, why redirect someone to a page he or she isn’t interested in?

One other, there is no continue to target page even after you view the AdLandPro site. It looks like the who idea is about one checking the classified site and that is all. I wish there was a button where one would leave the page to the destined site but not.

All I know is that this forced redirections seems to affect some geographical areas other than the entire world but why not put it into writing? People from worldwide need to know information and which is available on the different site. I guess the site isn’t a scam one!!!

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