How To Print In Black And White Only On HP 2130 Printer

HP DeskJet 2130 All In One Printer This tutorial is about how to print in black and while color only using any of the HP 2130 Printer Deskjet all in one printer. And yes, if you have been wondering how you can go about it, how to omit the colored and use only black and while, reading this post will help you find the answer you have been looking for. I have tested this personally, and have proven that this option works well when using the HP 2130 Printer.

The other day, I purchased this All in one HP 2130 Printer after my 1510 stared malfunctioning and jamming every time I would send print command (oh, yes it has worked and I don’t regret – may be its high time I retire it), to be able use it for my business. One reason I acquired this all in one HP 2130 Printer series printer is simple, to print, to scan and to photocopy. I am very sure you know what it means when it comes to business operations and owning such a machine. Well, after making use of it, I realized that not every document has to be printed in colored colors.

This made me wonder where the option for changing from All colors to only black and while were since I couldn’t locate them in the printer HP 2130 Printer as I was used to the HP 1515 settings, well as I was of a view that this printer at least had the option to do such a thing – black and while only copy. But guess what, I found the clue, and which I am sharing with you right here.

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How to print in black and while only on HP 2130 printer

print in black and while only on HP 2130 printer

1. Open the Document you want to print in Black and white color only.
2. Click on File under menu, look out for and hit Print.
3. Select your printer name from the list and hit on printer properties.
4. Click Paper / Quality and tick Black and White.
5. Click OK and save settings.

Basing on the fact that you only want Black and white, select Black Ink only and you would have configured your HP 2130 all in one printer to only print with output of black and while. You may require to repeat this step on every document you wish to print in the same colors.

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