How To Process A Court Order / Swear An Affidavit In Uganda

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How To Process A Court Order / Swear An Affidavit In Uganda

This guide is about how to process a court order, and how to swear an Affidavit in Uganda. In brief, a court order is “an official proclamation by a judge, that requires or authorizes the carrying out of certain steps by one or more parties to a case, or any other thing” for example the Absentee motor transfer in Uganda. On the other hand, an affidavit is “a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation, for use as evidence in court”.

In Uganda, both the Court order and swearing in an affidavit are vital, and a requirement more especially when one is taking on an Absentee vehicle transfer through Uganda revenue authority for example. And if you read my other article about how to transfer a vehicle or motorcycle in absence of the current legal owner as indicated in the log book, you will realize that a court order is a requirement.

How to Swear an Affidavit in Uganda

Swear an Affidavit in Uganda

In order to swear in an affidavit, you will need to access the Commissioner for Oath and make an inquiry about the same. Usually, it is instant assuming you go to the Commissioner for Oath who isn’t very occupied. You can check on Kampala road, and or simply access the BUganda road court premises and inquire the same. Please note that you must be having a genuine reason as to why you are swearing in an Affidavit for example, to do an absentee transfer of a vehicle in our example and which should be accompanied by the new advert.

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How to process a Court order in Uganda

In order to process a court order for example for an absentee transfer, you need to have sworn in an affidavit as shown above. The court will then issue an order instructing any parties involved on what is to be done. You can process your order from BUganda road court. If you don’t know how to get started, it is all simple. Just storm in and make an inquiry at the reception and you will be helped. In case you don’t know where the court premises are located, call 0752009001 and I will guide you where. Or, it is located next to CPS police station.

How To Process A Court Order / Swear An Affidavit In Uganda

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