Processing Both Motor Vehicle Number Plates Lost With URA

URA Both number plates lost process duplicates Did you loose all your Motor Vehicle Number plates (front and back) in Uganda? Are you interested in getting duplicates for both of them through URA? Do you know the entire process and how it works in addition to what you need? How about the step by step procedure to follow in order to get duplicate number plates? Whether A, B, C or even D, this tutorial will guide you through it all.

In so many cases, many people end up having no trace of both of their motor vehicle registration plates. And being the responsibility of Uganda Revenue Authority to issue the duplicates in case of need, it is mandatory for the vehicle owner seeking to acquire his motor vehicle duplicate registration numbers to follow the set requirements by URA.

URA has a set of requirements in this case where some are different for example in such cases when only a single number plate is lost (be front or back). These requirements are mandatory and one can only be issued the duplicates for both only when he or she follows them and provides evidence that all steps have been completed.

Steps to process both motor vehicle number plates with URA

If lost both of your motor vehicle number plates in Uganda, below are steps and procedures to follow in order to be issued with the duplicates. Yes, whether thieves broke in and stole both plates like i is common now days, whether you simply misplaces them, whether you lost them accidentally and any other, you must follow the below.

1. Start by reporting the loss at the Nearest police station / post and get a Reference.
2. Go to any Local Newspapers and place an Advert of the lost numbers in the Lost section.
3. Get a Police report requesting for re-issue of the said number plates (To whom it may concern).
4. Acquire a a Laboratory report from Police Ballistic Expert (Go to Naguru police Hqs).
5. Take your vehicle for inspection and get an inspection report.
6. Now log into your TIN and follow these procedures to process a duplicate application.
7. Print out the application form together with the bank payment receipt and pay the money to the bank.

8. Attach the duplicate application form, the duplicate bank payment receipt, the police report (to whom it may concern), the newspaper advert (original full page where the advert appeared), Laboratory report from Police Ballistic Expert, inspection form from URA and a covering letter in case of a company, parastatals and other institutions.

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Please note that you may be required to attach additional requirements like the motor vehicle logbook and identity verification like Identity card in case before submitting. Once you are done, you will be ready to submit all of the above at the processing location you selected during online application creation eg URA Nakawa, Central, Kampala South and etc.

After your application has been approved, you will be sent an email to your TIN registered email address confirming of this and where you should go to pay for and collect your new (duplicate) registration plates.

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