Win-Full Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer Wipes


Product Description

From mobile phones, office supplies, belongings, children’s toys, car steering wheels, seats and etc, Win-Full antiseptic hand sanitizer wipes are dual products you want to try out. Being selected from natural and inorganic fabric, it makes them very comfortable for use, in addition to being durable.

If you are looking for a multi-purpose antiseptic hand sanitizer, Win-Full’s product is fit for that. From dry to wet usage, you are ready to get superior water absorption performance while at the same time being very flexible and not-easy to break.

Take a look at Win-Full antiseptic hand sanitizer wipes characteristics.

Applicable scenes
– Tourism
– Hotels
– Restaurants
– Home
– Office
– Car

What you can use for
– Mobile phones
– Office supplies
– Belongings
– Children’s toys
– Car steering wheels
– Seats


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