Protecting Your Mobile Cell Phone Number From Sign Up For Offer Spam

This articles is all about how you can stay protected from Sign up for offer mobile cell phone spam, a very common and almost everywhere across the globe. Many people have suffered from being victims of related activities to an extent that many have ended up being conned of their monies for worthless promises and which are never fulfilled.

Just like it happens for email spam where one would receive a promising looking message from an unknown sender or those faking as real and genuine users, the same applies to mobile cell phone spam sign up texts and calls. You simply wake up and only to see a well written SMS about what you can imagine and nor think of as being spam.

Yes, even a call from one who fakes as a service provider with a target of either to spam you with fake sign up or to con you of whatever you are having. James received an early morning call where he was required to pick some products from a friend he couldn’t even recall. He was advised to visit some site and sign up filling all his personal details, ID proof with both his email and phone number. After, he was required to pay some money in form of processing fees and he was finished.

That’s some of how cell phone and mobile spam sign up work either as a call or as a text. Some will send you unwanted spammy offers and deals which you never requested for.

The question remains how one can protect his or her cell-phone from this sign-up spams? And below are some of the Tips which may help you out.

1. Start by unsubscribing to all forms on unrequested or uninterested subscriptions. You can call up your mobile-provider and ask for that.

2. Remove your number from the sign-up list. Yes, service providers do automatically add a numbers. Its good to ask yours to be removed if you can do it yourself.

3. Add your numbers to the Do Not Call Registry. Simple, visit their website and sign-up.

4. Use the Blacklist feature on your device. Just add all numbers you hate and activate the service.

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5. You can too add all numbers you don’t understand in your do not disturb list so that they don’t.

6. Use the call screening feature and too ask your service provider to stop unwanted texts sent to you.

The above can help you when you have them activated. Its worth trying out than accepting to be spammed all times. Let me know your thoughts by using the comment box below.

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