Public Service Commission Uganda Shortlist Out – Principal Inspector Districts, Principal Inspector Urban, Principal Urban Officer, Senior Inspector District Job Opportunities

Public Service Commission Uganda Job Shortlist The long awaited shortlist for the District and Urban level Uganda public service commission jobs which was advertised some months back in this very 2016 is finally released. Unlike NIRA which has not posted the shortlist yet for public viewing for those jobs which many applied for some few months back, this one for PSC Uganda is open for all on their official website.

If you are among the many who submitted in their application for those open vacancies, these are good news for you are reading this post. And yes, they are great news since it’s time for you to know whether things were good for you, and or you are one of the lucky ones among the many.

Like you see in the screenshots attached to this post, the below names were shortlisted for the posts of Principal Inspector Districts, Principal Inspector Urban, Principal Urban Officer and Senior Inspector District. If you applied, and or know anyone who did so, you can take your time and go though it.

Principal Inspector Districts shortlist 07/11/2016 for Oral interviews

Public Service Commission Shortlist Principal Inspector Districts

Principal Inspector Districts shortlist 08/11/2016 for Oral interviews


Principal Inspector Districts shortlist 09/11/2016 for Oral interviews


Senior Inspector District shortlist 14/11/2016 for Oral interviews


Senior Inspector District shortlist 15/11/2016 for Oral interviews


Principal Urban Officer shortlist 16/11/2016 for Oral interviews


Principal Inspector Urban shortlist 21/11/2016 for Oral interviews

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Principal Inspector Urban shortlist 22/11/2016 for Oral interviews


Wondering how you can access this by yourself? All you need is to visit the PSC Uganda website on and get this. It is in PDF file format where by you can download and save it on your machine and later print it..

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  1. Nantongo patra says:

    I can’t see the shortlist for 2017

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