Q: Is Spotting An Early Pregnancy Sign Assuming It Happens Some Days Before Or After Normal Periods?

This question was sent in by one of our readers who felt the need to have us answer her on the same. In this post aka question, you will find some of those spotting and pregnancy associated answers assuming you too have some which may have been bothering you like its been for Angela like you see her question below..

My name is Angela and I am 25 years old.. Ever since I begun to see my periods, I had never spotted not until some two days back when I experienced mild spots and which made me worry more than you can tell. I have been reading so many about spotting and how it may be related to pregnancy and am very much worried since my parents know me as a single one.

The fact is that my heart pumps every time I think of the possibility that am I may be pregnant due to the sign I have seen and its the reason I decided to ask you Thekonsulthub.com admin so that you can help me find the answer. Thank you..

Answer – Spotting to me is something which can be attributed to so many factors where pregnancy is among them. Those women who experience implantation bleeding can tell from spotting more especially when the timing of the days is the same. Implantation bleeding is known to occur in between 6 – 10 days from the day of getting pregnant and its the very first sign of an embryo growth.

If you engaged into the “adult act” and unprotected during your last ovulation days, chances may be that you are pregnant although its not a guarantee and additionally, a woman can get pregnant at any time she sleeps with a man.

You may consider to take a pregnancy test in order to find out the fact on whether you are indeed pregnant and or not as that will ease your mind and the heavy heart pumping you seem to be going through.

Other factors which can cause spotting may include being on birth controls, as a post-period sign, a pre-period sign, being sick, having so many thoughts, a miscarriage and many others which you may get to know once you talk it over – your situation with your doctor.

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On the same internet are so many health related websites which you can visit and see some more detailed information with regard although, you shouldn’t forget to take a pregnancy test and at the right time..

I know how you may be confused but there is nothing much you can do apart from testing and seeking what to do next from your elders. Hoping that I have tried to answer your question.

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17 Responses

  1. Denefu says:

    I am too Spotting and have pain on stomach and left leg? What could this be? Thx in advance.

  2. Danie says:

    What actually is spotting? I seem not to graspt it yet continue to read so many questions on the same? Can you share in detail please?

  3. Julie says:

    What may be causes this mid-cycle spotting/bleeding am in? It scares me lots. Is it normal or a worrying fact?

  4. Soul says:

    Am in the first trimester and spotting. Is this normal? Its all light. I have no other symptoms like pain associated.

  5. Mugole says:

    I am experiencing lower back pain, have irregular and spotting periods and am confused on what do? Should I visit the doctor?

  6. Daphine says:

    I have had a lot of abdominal pain and spotting at the same time. what can be wrong with me? Answer needed asap!

  7. Buke says:

    Is spotting during pregnancy something normal? Should I get worried? Thank you nice question and answer.

  8. Sha says:

    Is it okay to spot when pregnant? I am 3 months pregnant and still bleeding?

  9. Trace says:

    I had miscarriage. Its 1 month and still bleeding? What can be the cause?

  10. Helina says:

    Why do birth control associated with spotting? My doctor say this? How to help me please.

  11. Samantha says:

    I have irregular periods. Anything to do with spotting? How long can I spot in a month?

  12. Lilian says:

    How can i differ real periods and spotting bleeding? It confuse me much.

  13. Can89 says:

    Is spotting the same as break-through bleeding? Anyone tell me the difference or similarity. Thnk!

  14. Malza says:

    I spot and bleed a week miss a week and bleed again. What is the cause of this bleeding?

  15. Back says:

    How long does the spotting last if I may ask? How can i cure it.

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