QuizUp – An iOS Social Trivia Application

If you are a Trivia fan and an iOS device owner, then QuizUp is one of those applications which you must try out. Known as one of those applications which has attracted a lot of users in a shorter time of its launch, may be the above is due to the fact that the QuizUp is a multi trivia social application for example it allows different users to compete each other on the same levels by way of logging in using your Facebook social networking email address and instantly being connected with others for specified activities for example to answer questions in an attempt to gain points.

The QuizUp application has thousands of questions and hundreds of topics which can be played with friends in real time using the same application. Available topics include things like Arts, Pop, Logos, Culture and many others which you can select from with an additional option of suggesting and contributing your favorite assuming it is not listed. And just like I mentioned above, you need to make sure that you answer questions in those topics of your choice to the best of your ability since by round 7 end, its when a winner is seen.

QuizUp current supports and is compatible with iOS device ranging from 5.0 and later for example iPod touch, iPad, iPhone with the Android version being on its way. And well as the application is free, it has some in-apps which can be purchased assuming you have a target of wanting to double your experience points.

Once you have the application on your device, it is recommended that you connect it with your Facebook or your Twitter since that helps you to get more friends with whom you will be playing games with and below is how it works.

1. You launch the application.

2. You pick the topic of your choice.

3. You choose a friend to do it with.

And you start playing the game.

Others things you can enjoy with the QuizUp application include the following below.

1. Chatting with other players.

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2. Checking your rankings against your friends.

3. Discussions on those topics of your choice and many more others.

Here is the application download link

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