How To Raise Last-Minute Cash For College

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Raise Last-Minute Cash For College

College is an expensive place to be, and it is a well-known fact that many students do odd jobs to survive their college. If you have paid your semester fees and you think you are short of money, here are some quick tips and tricks that will help you raise last-minute cash for college:

Clean Out your Piggy Banks – Everyone has some cash stashed at odd places, and it can be cleaned out in the times of emergency. If you had a piggy bank at home, or you had a habit of putting cash away in your old purses, wallets or pockets of jeans, it is the right time to clean your room and get those bucks back to where they belong!

Sell What You Do Not Need – If there are items in your room that you do not need anymore, you may always sell them on eBay for quick money. These might be your old guitar that you don’t play anymore or your pair of glasses that look new because you hardly wore them! Now is the time to make an account on eBay and sell that stuff. You will not only end up clearing a lot of space in your room, but it will also help you make some money.

Sell Your Gift Cards – If you have gift cards that you received on Christmas from your relatives or distant family, and you know you are not going to use them anymore, sell them online! There will be a lot of buyers in minutes, and there are also some websites which accept any kinds of gift cards for cash.

Provide Online Assistance – If you are good at writing, you may start writing term papers for money. Many students are willing to receive online assistance for their college work. You may write essays, papers, journals, research papers, thesis papers, and all kinds of academic work, and make a lot of money off it.

Fill out Forms of Federal Student Aid – many student aid programmes aim to help those in need. FAFSA is one of those. FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid provides grants and scholarships to students. You may fill out the forms which are free of cost, and if you qualify, you might get lucky! If your financial records show low income, you can also get grants from federal aid that will help you pay your tuition fees for college.

Apply for Scholarships and Scholarship Contests – There are many contests for scholarships that happen later than others, and you may always apply for them and participate in a competition. There are also many online scholarships available that you may explore and apply for them.

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Part Time Jobs – You may always look for part-time jobs either at your local cafeteria or at a library, where they need librarians or assistants for short-term. You can also try night-shift jobs. Usually, night shift jobs are harder to do, but they pay very well compared to day shifts. You might make a lot of money by going to night-shift jobs.

Amend Tax Returns – If you did not claim your tax return, this might be the best time to do that. In the USA, every year the citizens can file a tax return and get up to $2500 per year. You have almost three years of time from the date you filed the return, and it can count as an extra income!

Get on-Campus Jobs – If you are not hunting for jobs outside, you can always ask for jobs on your college campus. There are a lot of jobs that you can apply for, and you can even assist your teachers inside the college, and do their work. Colleges have openings for students for various roles. Inquire about the availability of jobs inside your college, and apply.

Control your Expenses – If you know you are going to be in a financial crunch, start saving right now! You cannot wait for things to fall into place, without making an effort, hence, do not spend unnecessarily on things you do not need. Control your expenses and try to limit your spending.

Learn Cooking – If you are in the habit of eating outside every day, learn cooking. It will not only help you save money but will also prove as a hack for college. You cannot spend two or three dollars on a meal every day. It might sound a very small amount if you talk about only one day, but then if you count the entire month and even year of that amount, it adds up to hundreds and thousands of dollars! Imagine saving that much money.

Small changes in your routine and habits can help you save a lot of money and prepare for college life. Joseph Sartori is a freelance writer.

How To Raise Last-Minute Cash For College

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