Rate Me High, I Refund Your Payment – eBay Slogan By Fake Item Sellers

For you who make purchases online on shopping sites like eBay which is my case study, you must have already encountered such sellers and or will soon encounter them if you haven’t yet. Cheating ratings is a common activity which I have experienced not from one seller but from multiple sellers who offer to refund your payment in exchange for high 5 star ratings.

Being an online buyer and one who does so on many other sites including eBay, I never believed in the above slogan not until I faced it my self. This came after I bought some computer accessories which failed to work as they returned a malfunction error on all computers I tested the devices on.

I know there is a resolution centre which acts as a help between the buyer and the seller but on the other hand, its recommended that you talk to or contact the seller before filing a dispute just in case there is an option for example sending you another item at no fee since you already paid.

And in an attempt to do the above, that is when the fake item sellers get their advantage of persuading you to accept a refund provided you rate them 5 star as good sellers. And for sure, none of us wouldn’t want to get a hassle free refund not so?

That is when one posts a higher rating even on those sellers who offer fake products. I tried that and now regret why I did it since I only came to learn about this not having happened to me alone but to so many others out there.

Posting a higher-rating to a quality item is no Satan but it is when you do it on a poor quality item since many buyers do consider reviews and rates before buying and which means they end up paying for poor quality items which was the same case I went through.

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Now you have seen how so many sellers end up getting many 5-star- ratings yet they offer fake items, its time to consider other factors when deciding on to buy an item online other than basing on customer-ratings.

The rate-me high I refund is not any good at all if you care for others who may end up buying a similar item. Its wise to post a rating which fits the seller or the product you bought other than basing on other factors.

KWS Adams

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