Reasons Why Your Subscribers Mark Email Messages As Spam

Oh no, that email wasn’t spam but why did it end up in that folder? This is one of those questions many internet marketers and webmasters who have email lists ask themselves every time email messages end up being marked as Spam.

I never thought that such a thing would happen more especially to those who willingly chose to subscribe to your news, alerts, notifications and other related emails. But guess what, it does and has been happening to many.

Recently, those new article email-messages from ended up in my Spam folder and I really wondered why that happened. And as part of my findings not only from the above site but too after looking at the different sites and others views, I came up with a list of those reasons as you will see below being some of why your subscribers may end up marking your emails as-spam.

Too many emails – Yeah, personally, I hate those many and daily messages which sometimes are irrelevant to me. And for that, I either unsubscribe or mark them as-spam. This not only applies to me but too on others who hate the same.

Email-Messages with No Unsubscribe link – among those emails I get are those who have no unsubscribe links. This makes one hard to control them with the end result being to mark them as above.

Emails not send from where one subscribed – This is common with those who buy lists from others. You find that one subscribed for art and crafts site and is no receiving messages from a tech site. The end result is marking them as-spam.

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Too many links – A single link or two are enough in a single-message. Emails which contain too many links in them have higher chances of being marked as-spam when compared with those which contain a few.

Not properly addressed emails – I love it when am addresses by the exact names I used other than “dear sub” and others. Am sure others too love that. How about marking such messages?

While I am not part of those who will mark any email as spam, many people do it and I have seen many in action. Its very vital for you to understand what your subscribers want and offer it to them other than sending them Junk-messages all the time. Hope this post helps you find out what you should.

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