How To Recover / Reset Forgotten URA TIN Number Password

URA TIN password reset In this tutorial, you will discover how to recover / reset a forgotten Uganda Revenue Authority TIN number pass word. If you are a registered tax payer and happen to forget your TIN number / account pass word, chances are that you will likely not be able to transact more using the e-Services portal. By you taking time and going through this guide in our All about article series, you will be able to learn how to go about having accessing to your account back.

Whether you want to generate a payment registration number (PRN), to perform a vehicle transfer, update motor vehicle details and or make use of any other service which requires you to be logged onto your TIN number account, this article is for you. I have been asked this same question a number of times, and here is my response and which I am sure will be of great help to you.

URA Tin password reset requirements

  • Access to the registered TIN email address.
  • knowing your TIN number (login ID)

If you have no such access or cant recall your registered email address on the TIN, you can use the amendment option to change details on your TIN.

Step by step procedures to Reset / Recover forgotten URA TIN Number Pass word

1. Visit web portal on and click on log in to open Panel.

2. Click on Forgot pass word and enter your Login ID and security answer.

3. If by any chance you forgot the security answer, click on “forgot security answer”, enter login ID and your email.

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4. Check the email address associated with your URA Tin number for an email from Services. Click on the Reset link and follow prompts.

5. Input your new pass word (one you want to use), enter it again and click OK.

You will see a notification that you have successfully changed your pass word. Now you can click on the log in icon again, enter your login ID, your password and hit Log in. That is it. You don’t need to do anything else and you can do all transactions you have been missing inside your URA Portal account.

In case you don’t remember the security question , click forgot security answer and instead enter your email. You will received an email containing the reset link which you should click on.

Also note that the TIN password is set to automatically expire every after two months. It is therefore advisable for you to always change your password every after 59 days period.

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  1. Paul sezooba says:

    wanted to know how i could reset my tin password when i have forgotten both the security question and email address attached to the tin..

  2. Dianah Twikirize says:

    That’s good idea

  3. okello godfrey ewol says:

    help and recover for me my TIN number i can not remember

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