Register Uganda Telecom SIM Card Via Whatsapp

Uganda Telecom SIM Card Registration Using Whastapp

In a bid to beat UCC directive of having all Ugandan based network subscribers SIM Cards / lines registered before April 20th 2017, different service providers including Uganda Telecom aka Mango / UTL have tried their best to ease the process of ensuring that all subscribe lines are full registered or updated with owners national identity card data aka NIN Numbers, with the latest being instant Whatsapp SIM Card registration.

While UTL had established the Whatsapp customer care helpline number for some time now, in a bid to ensure that subscribers get access to customer care without any hassles, this same number is currently among the listed ways in which all Uganda Telecom network subscribers or line owners can use to have their SIM Cards full updated and registered with their national ID data.

I have personally used this service for my old UTL / Mango number registration and I ca assure that it works. If you want to know what exactly you need to do and how to to it, keep reading. Here are the steps on how to instantly register or update Uganda telecom SIM Cards with your NIRA national ID data using Whatsapp.

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1. Get enough data bundle on your Whatsapp. It can be Bundled data or WiFi.
2. Add this UTL Customer care number 0717 700700 in your contact list and refresh Whatsapp contacts.
3. Take a full photo of your National ID with clear view of NIN and names.
4. Send the National ID photo to UTL on 0717 700700 and request the to update or register your number.

It might take some long hours but trust me, your number will eventually be registered and you will worry no morw with regard to being cut off from services.

Written by KWS Adams

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