How To Remove Authorized APPS + Sites On Google Account

Unlink Connected apps and sites on Google account In this post, I show you how to remove, disconnected and unauthorize connected, linked and authorized applications and website on your Google account. If you have a list of such apps and sites linked to your account and wondering how you can go about revoking their access to your account details, you are reading the right post as it entails all step by step guide and procedures on doing so.

At many different points, many of us end up having to grant access to certain applications and websites for ease of use or in order to use certain services provided by them. An example is those WordPress Jetpack users who want to share their posts automatically on their Google plus pages. In order for this to happen, one will need to grant WordPress permission to access the account to share posts on and which leads to this.

However, there are some reasons or points in time when one would prefer to revoke access or even to remove such applications, and which calls for the need to have knowledge and information on what to do, how to go about it and how to get started. That is why in this tutorial, I am sharing with you all of the above right from A-Z just for you to know, and below is how to get started.

How to revoke app and website access on Google account

1. Begin by visiting G Account security and logging in.
2. Scroll and locate ‘Connected apps & sites”.
3. Click on “manage apps” under “Apps connected to your account”

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4. Click on the “app” or “website” you want to unlink.
5. Click on Remove and confirm.

That selected “app or website” will instantly be removed off your account and it will nolonger access your data. Just in case you want to reconnect or connect it again, just access it and grant it access once again. It is all simple and easy to get started.

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