How to Renew Expired Driving Permit in Uganda 1/3 Years

Last Updated on August 27, 2022 by KWS Adams
renew driving permit

Driving permits in Uganda are issued with an expiry date, and which is determined by the number of years one paid for when processing a full or renewal of the drivers’ license. For example, if you paid for a 3 years validity period, your drivers’ license does expire after 3 years and so to one who pays for one and has his or her permit expires after one year.

Once the driving permit is expired, the Ugandan traffic laws require anyone wishing to drive further on the roads to renew his or her permit. And this process is known as the Driving permit renewal. In this guide, I am taking you through the entire procedure and what you need to do in addition to how in order to drive legally on the road, and below is the process. For lapsed driving permits, follow this guide to revive your cancelled license.

Process a Driving permit renewal payment

  1. Visit the URA website and go to e-services.
  2. Click register payment and chose NTR.
  3. Select Driving Permit Renewal 3 years or 1 year or any other as per your choice.
  4. Fill in all the remaining required fields and select bank of choice.
  5. Enter Bot Letters and click submit.
  6. Confirm details and click on Print.
  7. Take the printed form to the Bank and make a payment.

Download UCDP medical form

This is well explained in this post about UCDP medical form download. Download the UCDP form and fill in the required parts.

Attach all requirements and submit to Face Technologies

Once you are done with the payment of the renewal fees and filling the medical form, you should attach everything together and proceed to Kyambogo Face Technologies so you can process your driving permit renewal. Attachments include your original expired driving license, the bank payment slip, and the UCDP medical form. Read how to process a lost driving permit here.

How to Renew Expired Driving Permit in Uganda 1/3 Years

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