Responsive Formatting and Other Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing toolsAccording to a marketing industry study, more than 65% of all emails are either opened on smart phones or other mobile devices. Because emails look different on handheld devices than they look on desktop computers, it is clear that email marketers should take all platforms into consideration when designing the specifics of their email campaigns. If you want people to really engage with your copy, you’ll want to keep said copy fresh and full of interest for the reader. Although you don’t want to use overly salesy language, be sure you don’t bore your audience.

For large-scale email list campaigns email list campaigns, you’ll almost certainly want to use responsive email formatting. This will ensure that your marketing emails will look great no matter what platform your reader uses. If any of your outbound mails look amateurish or ad hoc, this may reflect poorly on your brand. Responsive emails formatting is a type of protocol that makes it easier for your audience to connect with your message.

Particularly when you are trying to establish your brand in the marketplace, you’ll want to make sure that all of your marketing copy properly represents your organizational values. In your campaigns, try to avoid using any type of profanity or controversial language. Even in this modern era of diversity and tolerance, a lot of people will react negatively if you use risqué or controversial terms. For a variety of reasons, modern society is fairly quick to condemn companies that are thought to be insensitive or lacking in sympathy for key interest groups. In this charged cultural environment, marketing materials must reflect a spirit of compassion for those in society who are disadvantaged or discriminated against.

Although email is a form of communication that has been popular for a very long time, far too many companies have never adequately engaged with email as a marketing channel. Even many companies wholly focused on technology have failed to use this type of marketing to its full extent. Fortunately, it is never too late more fully make use of emails in your marketing efforts. If you are sending out cold emails to potential customers, it is particularly important for you to format your emails in the right way. Over the years, quite a few businesspeople have wasted their time by investing in email marketing campaigns that utilized stale copy and less-than-optimal formatting. If you want to achieve the best possible ROI for your marketing dollars, you’ll definitely want to carefully refine your formatting and your style.

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If you feel you don’t really have time to manage a marketing campaign on your own, don’t be afraid to outsource your marketing needs. By working with a proven organization like it is reasonable to expect you will be happy with your results. If you take advantage of external marketing professionals, this will leave you freer to focus on the most important parts of your business life. The basic tasks involved in digital marketing can be tedious for many. By reducing your overall stress level, outsourcing can potentially improve your work life in a significant way.

When you really want to make your marketing emails count, make sure that each subject line fully encapsulates what you have to offer the recipient. Keep in mind there is a big difference between detailing one of your specials and making a genuine value statement for your readers. This is not a true value statement: “All hair products are 25 percent off this month.” Instead, try writing something like this: “With our hair care products, which are 25 percent off this month, you’ll look better than you have in years.” Ideally, marketing copy tells a story that draws in the audience.

If you have an ecommerce store make sure you using a platform that knows how to collect all shopping related information like the number of purchases your contacts makes, what they buy, from what categories and information that will enable you to send personalized email campaigns, our suggested tool to ecommerce marketing automation is Flashy, they have all-in-one marketing platform for ecommerce businesses.

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