Review – “Credit: How to Fix Your Credit: Unlimited Guide to – Credit Score, Credit cards, Credit Repair Secrets, debt and Credit freedom (Money Matters Book 3) eBook”

“How to Fix Your Credit In 45 Days” is an eBook by Dr. Nigel Peterson & Nicholas Black you might want to lay your eyes on if you want to know, learn, explore and find out everything in detail with regard. I have taken you through this Kindle eBook which is an “Unlimited Guide to – Credit Score, Credit cards, Credit Repair Secrets, debt and Credit freedom (Money Matters Book 3)”, and one which many people including me found very helpful when it comes to issues not only to do with “fixing your own credit score”, but as well helps you to learn, from an industry insider (Dr. Nigel Peterson) is what the “Credit Repair Companies” Charge you thousands and thousands of dollars to do. And you can do it on your own, right now!”

If you ever heard of this $3.99 and 4.6 rated eBook, then you should as well get to know what you should expect out of it.  Below is what is covered in the book:

Fix credit score in 45 days

“Introduction: How do you fix your Credit?
• Step 1: Research and Prepare all Background Info
• Step 2: Challenge the Credit Bureaus
• Step 3: Demand a Re-Investigation of the accounts that remain Negative
• Step 4: Demand a Validation of Debt
• Step 5: Demand a Revised Validation of Debt

Chapter 1: What is Your Credit Score?
• Research and prepare all background info
• Challenge the credit bureaus
• Demand a re-investigation of the accounts that remain negative
• Demand a Validation of Debt
• Demand a revised Validation of Debt

Chapter 2: What are the 3 Bureaus?
• What is a Credit Bureau?
• What are the 3 Credit Bureaus?
• Addresses and contact information for the 3 Credit Bureaus

Chapter 3: Research Your Credit Report
• Factors that negatively affect your credit score
• What is a derogatory?

Chapter 4: The 4 Federal Laws You NEED to Know
• The 4 federal laws you’ll need to know
• Hiring a company to fix your credit

Chapter 5: What are Collections Agencies?
• When can a debt collector or collection agency contact you?
• Things the collection agencies and collectors cannot do!
• Things debt collectors are prohibited from saying
• Can get collectors like you?
• Unfair practices for debt collectors
• Can they garnish your wages?
• Can they garnish your benefits?
• Are they licensed in your state to conduct business?
• Is the collection agency even a legitimate company?
• Is the collection agency even still in business?
• What to do with the collection agency first contacts you

Chapter 6: How to Receive a Free Credit Report
• Do you want a free credit report?
• Does it hurt your credit when you check the score

Chapter 7: The different types of contracts/agreements:
• The 4 different types of contracts and agreements you can enter
• Is there a statute of limitations on debt agreements?
• Why should you care about a statute of limitations?
• How long is the statute of limitations?
• How do you calculate when the statute of limitations is over?
• Basic list of states, and the applicable Statutes of Limitation

Chapter 8: What will you need for the dispute letters
• The documents/Info necessary for your dispute letters
• How to Mail the dispute letters

Chapter 9: Disputing Derogatory Information with the 3 Bureaus
• Identify Derogatory Information
• What does it mean to Dispute?
• What is the Process to Dispute?
• What should your dispute letter look like?
• Example dispute letter

Chapter 10: Getting the 45-day Dispute Results
• What is a re-dispute?

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Chapter 11: Tips for FHA/VA Loans
• FHA and VA Guidelines
• Approach the loan with a good credit rating!
• FHA TOTAL Scorecard
• FHA Loan requirements (information)
• What additional info will Veterans need?
• Where do FHA loans come from?
• How to pre-qualify for an FHA/VA loan?
• FHA Loan mistakes to avoid!

Chapter 12: How to improve your credit
• Some basic steps to improve your credit

Chapter 13: Getting new lines of credit
• What is the best way to increase your Credit Score?
• A little sound advice:

Chapter 14: Dealing with medical debts
• Is a doctor or hospital allowed to refer an overdue medical bill to a collection agency?
• Can my personal medical information be disclosed directly to a credit reporting agency
• Can you dispute a medical collection?
• How to dispute with the Medical Facility/Insurance Company”

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