[Review + Infographic] Brainiac Power Bank Battery Backup Charger Cover For iPhone6 Plus

 Power Bank You have possibly had of Brainiac right? How about the different products and services they offer? Regardless of whatever your answer may be, I have written this Infographic review about Brainiac power bank battery backup charger cover for iPhone6 plus just for you to see [infographic], and read so that you can get to know what its all about them, and how these may be useful for your battery backup and iPhone charging needs. Moreso, it may too help you to make a choice assuming you were wondering what you will use with regard.

Brainiac is in Shenzhen, and are known to be specialized in power banks, with a “saying” of having been doing this for the last sixteen years. This company is proud of providing high performance-price ratio products which include but not limited to conventional power bank and the qi wireless charger for iPhones, iPad,and other electronic equipment.

How Brainiac Power Bank Works Infographic

Pricing – These devices are sold at an amazing $12.5 – 13.5 USD, and which are very cheaper compared with the smart device, its price and other similar products. In the Infographic above, you can clearly, and visibly see how this Brainiac power bank battery backup charger cover for iPhone6 plus, works, or helps to your device. Check below for the detailed description.

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– “Smart Battery (Optimized to lengthen your Phone performance time; No more out of power dilemma
during important phone conversations)
– Full Body Cover case for iPhone 6/plus
– Light weight, thin design (Low profile)
– Non slip comfort grip
– Automatic tests function
– High-quality Li-polymer Cellphone battery
– Extended battery pack capacity – 1500 mAh(for iPhone6)-3500mAh(for iPhone 6 plus)
– Portable, convenient, easy to use, high capacity
– Sleek, Low-Profile design; Rechargeable up to 1000 times
– Color: Gray,Silver,Gold”

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