Review Of LG Electronics OM4560 220W Hi-Fi Entertainment System (2016 Model) With Bluetooth, Shared Jukebox, USB..

LG_Electronics_OM4560_220W_Hi-Fi_Entertainment_System If you love kicking off parties no matter where you are, of course you share a hobby with me. Believe me you, this [[[LG Electronics OM4560 220W Hi-Fi Entertainment System]]] (2016 Model) is something you may want to try out. I personally landed on it on my search for the best [[[Hi-Fi Entertainment System]]] 2017, fell in love with its full features and specification, and decided to share it with you by writing this review so you are helped towards making an informed buying choice.

Besides being portable with weight of only 16.5 pounds, the OM4560 220W Hi-Fi entertainment system is one of the highly rated devices by LG Electronics standing at 4.4 out of 5 star rating at the time of this review. If you really love music, starting parties at anytime and anywhere, a fun of creating Karaoke, wanting to stream audio from any other device with others, then this device is suitable and better for that. Lets look at what I loved at it.

4 features I love about OM4560 220W Hi-Fi Entertainment System by LG

It’s 220 Watts – Do you know what a 220 Watts can offer when it comes to sound? Trust me, this device being portable yet 220 Watts is enough to tell what you should expect. A very powerful sound and booming audio.

Dance Lighting – The inbuilt music lighting feature will turn your party into a real one. The variety of effects, including a feature that lets the light pulse to the beat of the music so the room can see and feel the rhythm.

Karaoke Creator – People love turning normal music tunes into Karaoke. This OM4560 220W Hi-Fi Entertainment System supports this feature and provides it instantly upon your request, oh when you set it up.

Bluetooth and USB – Whether you have music you want to play on a flash drive or stored on your mobile, you will be able to play them instantly by plugging the USB device in and or simply using Bluetooth to connect.

LG Electronics OM4560 220W Hi-Fi Entertainment System specs

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– 220 Watts.
– Karaoke Creator.
– Dance Lighting.
– Shared Jukebox.
– Bluetooth Connectivity.

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OM4560 220W Hi-Fi Entertainment System rating, price and where to buy

When I checked, I found this device listed from as low as $179.86 (subject to change). Sure, I see no reason as to why I can’t suggest that you buy from amazon here and enjoy the great price. Besides a 4.4/5 rating, I found many customer reviews, with majority posting positive feedback about this device for example, one customer wrote, “good product, works great”.

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