Scams – Please Authorize Your Login

Recently, my inbox has been spammed with lots of messages purporting to be sent from [email protected] In all the emails I received containing this subject “ – Please authorize your login”, all of them arrived in my Spam folder rather than the Inbox, something which made me more suspicious. Thanks, I haven’t attempted to click on […]


This is another Scam message circulating to the different people purporting to be from Bank of America NY. This messages which originates from “BANK OF AMERICA NY. <[email protected]>” with subject “RE: TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER NOTICE” requests the receiver to the sender with personal information including; 1.Your Full Bank Account Details 2.Your Direct Cell or office phone to […]

SCAM ALERT! “Message From Bank Of America”

Scammers have never slept. Each and everyday that comes by, they find new ways to scam people. This they do by way of creating different options in which they target people and there by scamming them in the end. Currently, there is this message with subject “Message from Bank of America” and sent from email […]

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