[Reviewed] iN Connecting Uganda – Data, Internet Services & Bundles – How It Works

iN Connecting Uganda Ever heard of iN Connecting Uganda? Whether you have heard about them or not, I have reviewed this service provider just for you to know. And therefore, reading this entire review might be helpful to you towards understanding who they are, how they work, the services they offer, and how their services are compared with the rest of the others you may know already.

iN Connecting Uganda which is popularly known as IN Internet is a service provider in Uganda which offers both fixed, mobile broadband, wireless internet services using what they term as “cutting-edge” 4G speeds using WiMAX technology. According to what is written on their website, they “claim” to offer the best internet connection speeds which are superior to others, with;

bandwidth segments ranging from 512Kbps up to 10Mbps dedicated, duplex, per user connection, with the ability to support voice, video, and data with rich multimedia services. Our service delivery includes a full redundancy of fiber optic cables to the internet back bone with a 24/7 support desk.

iN Connecting Uganda offers services ranging from but not limited to internet connections, security fire-walling, support desk and installations. When you look at all the above services, it means that iN takes care of everything right from sales, installation, security and ensuring that a clients gets the best support at any time when in need.

What are iN internet bundles and how do they compared with other same providers offers?

It’s true that iN offers different internet data bundles and packages with different prices. And too, their prices are different from what others offer as you can see below. But please note that the current price quotes are subject to change since they are quoted at the exact time and date of writing this review.

iN Monthly internet data bundles and pricing

iN Internet Monthly Data Bundles

iN 6 Months internet data bundles and pricing

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iN Internet 6 Month Data Bundles

Conclusion : In my review and basing on the findings during the use of iN connecting Uganda internet, its true that they offer quality internet services with better prices. I was connected using the portable WiFi router and its awesome. The indoor CPE also is said to be best from those who use it. But, the strength of the connection varies from location to location basing on the fact that there are certain areas which are not well covered and thus, trying to access a connection from those locations can give one a poor experience when compared with others services with better outreach.

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