[Reviewed] The MLM Companies You Should Know About

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[Reviewed] The MLM Companies You Should Know About

The multilevel company and the pyramid scheme are not the same. There is a big difference that should not be neglected. While the pyramid schemes are illegal and they are schemes for fast money, MLM companies are present for ten years or more and they have good reputation. That is easy to check online. MLM do not emphasize on recruiting new members but on the sales of the product itself. Most importantly, MLM earn their money from the sales and not from the memberships of new people included. These are just some of the basic differences and here are the MLM companies that do their work amazingly, so you definitely should know about them.

Avon – Cosmetic, household and general beautifying products, mostly for women, have been the line of work for the Avon Company. David H McConnel was a books salesman who realized that the perfume samples that he offered to women were far more interesting to them than the books he sold. That is why he founded Avon in 1886. The company rightfully advertises itself as the first company that offered women the chance to become financially independent. Today, almost every woman has her own Avon Lady at some point.

Herbalife – Every person has health and fitness goals in some degree. Herbalife is the MLM Company that deals with that and offers people solutions. It has been around ever since 1980 and it reached the net sales of $5 billion in 2014 (Annual Report 2014). This successful company grows with each day and their MLM model is highly successful.

Amway – Amways cleaning products are known all over the world. This is definitely one of the most successful multi level marketing companies. It was formed in 1949 but got the Amway Corporation in 1959. It operated as Amway until the 1999 when it became a part of Alticor Holding Company. After restructuring, it got back to being the famous and successful Amway in 2007.

Beachbody – Exercising and having a healthy lifestyle means that you need to work hard and have good will and determination. Beachbody recognized that. This company gathers many excellent and interesting wellness and fitness experts that offer their plans, exercise programs and workout routines, as well as supplements and gear. Not only did the Beachbody become a well-known brand, some individual trainers, like Shaun T became celebrities thanks to this company and their excellent work.

Forever Living Products – The majority of the products from this company are different beauty, wellness and supplement products based on Aloe Vera. This company from Arizona is extremely well distributed around the world and they offer products that are carefully made from this amazing plant. In addition, Forever Living Products is a very environmentally friendly company which they emphasize as a very important aspect of their business.

Pyramid schemes influenced people and they became suspicious when it comes to MLM companies. However, these types of companies work hard and they are succeeding in offering good and high-quality products that speak for themselves. Well-educated and trained employees and salespeople work on leaving a better impression on their clients and improving a general attitude toward their company. If one was to judge according to their revenues and worth, it is obvious that they are succeeding. Good marketing and quality products made these companies what they are today.

[Reviewed] The MLM Companies You Should Know About

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