Reviews Of Top 5 Best Free New Games Released 2019

Top 10 Best Free New Games 2017 Looking for the best free games for your smartphone in 2019? Whether you own an Android, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Blu or any other, this review brings you the top 5 best free games released Feb 2019 and designed just for you. I am a smartphone games fan, I love playing such games as applications installed on my device while on the go, at home or even during my free time at work.

If you are like me, then of course you should find out what the best ones for 2019 are. All you need is simple, yo read this full games featured review, pick one of your choice, install it on your supported device/s and instantly start enjoying. Lets take a look at the top 10 best free games released 2019 and available on Amazon.

1. [[[Fight GO]]]

  • Developed by : Golfo-Jobs
  • Size : 2.2 MB
  • Download Time : Below 30 seconds
  • Price : Free
  • Version : 1

Fight Go is an educational game which is developed for “concentration and patience”, and a game which “claims” not only to improve but too boost your child’s memory. This game acts as a personal trainer just like it happens in pre-schools and thus improving focus and attention of your children. Fight GO! features memory training based on visual with different beautiful cards. As the child completed different levels, the difficulty comes in and thus improving focus and the needs to surpass each new level. You can download Fight GO! game from Amazon.

2. [[[Force Of Stars]]]

  • Developed by : Golfo-Jobs<
  • Size : 2.8 MB
  • Download Time : Below 30 seconds
  • Price : Free
  • Version : 1

If you love puzzles, Force Of Stars is one game you might want to try out. This is a simple game which only requires you to slide moves in order to complete it. It features beautiful landscapes, harder levels, well described levels, and with more than 20 images you can chose to play. Force Of Stars is compatible to all supported devices and can be downloaded instantly using the above amazon link there by allowing you enjoy it.

3. Asterisk Radio

  • Developed by : Punniyaseelan
  • Size : 5.3 MB
  • Download Time : Below 1 minute
  • Price : Free
  • Version : 0.1

Asterisk Radio is an online radio, an application which allows you to listen to your favorite channels all day all night from anywhere. Whether you simply want to listen to music, news and etc, this is your broadcasting channel. You can download this application directly onto your supported device eg Android 2.3 and above using the above link.

4. PR: Public Relations Publicity

  • Developed by : Venture Technology Ltd
  • Size : 10.4 MB
  • Download Time : Below 2 minute
  • Price : Free
  • Version : 1.0
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PR: Public Relations Publicity is a smartphone application which is based on public relations. Whether you are looking forward to managing your own created campaigns, looking for fundraising, building awareness and etc, this is one of what you might want to try out. It is free and can instantly be downloaded and installed on any supported device following the above link.

5. MouseBot

  • Developed by : Vector Unit Inc
  • Size : 24 MB
  • Download Time : Below 4 minute
  • Price : Free
  • Version : 1.0

Ever wondered what magic and tricks cats use when its time to hunt for and catch mouses and or rats? If you want to know those tricks, MouseBot is the smartphone game you might consider trying out. And besides, its free and can be downloaded to your device in just a minute. The games contains “fantastical mechanical mouse traps, Dodge giant metal Stompers, evade scary Mines and Lasers, leap over mouse-crushing Grinders, and platform your way across pools of bot-melting Acid on an epic quest for cheese and freedom” which all will help you achieve your goal. This game will help you to reflex, learn better skills, find the right timing and so forth.

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