Rewarding Your Facebook Fans With offers – A Sure Way To Succeed

Are your top most Facebook fans are rewarded? Have Facebook offers been examined by you? Your sincere and loyal customers can be rewarded in a good way by simple Facebook offers. This article is related to the generation of Facebook offers that your customers and fans really want.

Ask Customers What They Are interested in – Make sure that you are giving your fans what they actually want, before making any Facebook offer. For this purpose, ask your fans about their interests and deals that they like to participate in. You can get feedback by posting Facebook update asking your fans to comment their ideas and feedback regarding your posts.

Create your own email list. A section should be included about your Facebook offers and subscribers must be asked to share their thoughts and ideas in that section. If you want your in-store customers to be participated, they must be asked to give suggestions at your business. Make sure that you clarify them about your current Facebook offers so they can easily claim and use them. Make sure that your asks are related to your goals and fan answers must be taken into consideration to complete and achieve these goals.

Let your offer campaign be planned in advance – The successful claim rate on Facebook offers is done by planning. While creating any offer on a whim, advance planning and packaging helps in the creation of attractive offers to your fans and valuable customers.

Work with your team, get ideas and inspiration and come up with the branded Facebook offers. Let each offer be given an attractive and catchy name that fits with the theme or subject of that offer. A simple spreadsheet can be used to plan your offers.

Don’t forget to promote current Facebook offers – In many of the cases, an offer is posted once and it is expected that there will be huge arrival of claims and improvements. This is not always the case. You might be needed to promote your Facebook Offers, if people are not claiming them. In order to promote your offers, the same outlets can be used that you used to ask your fans about their likes and interests regarding offers. Otherwise you could deal worth another business so that your offers could be exposed to larger audience.

Moreover, Facebook ads can also be used to reach your target audience. It is really very effective method to reach your goal and promote your Facebook offers. You will see an ultimate increase in the claims and feedback’s on your offer by making combine use of Facebook ads and the ideas discussed above.

In order to promote Facebook offers, Dark posts can be used. One of the best way to increase your claims is to make it easy for your fans to buy or book immediately. The most important advantage of this dark post update is that there is no need to update your timeline and your Facebook fans can be targeted in secret, which increases the excitement of the offer.

This is also helpful in including copy and an attractive visual of your offer.

As you design graphics and images for your products and deals you must keep up with the Facebook rules about text in advertising. If you exceed the 20% rule including slogans and logos, Facebook would disapprove your ad.

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Use Facebook’s Grid tool, if you want to see that your image meets the guidelines or not. Keep better tracking of your offers whether your deals are reaching your goals or not. Make an appropriate plan, craft them carefully. During the phase of planning, make sure that you are going to provide your fans with a promotional code to use in-store. Either create a landing page on your website so that the process of buying and booking can be reached immediately.

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