Reviews – Is Scam or Legit? scam reviews This is a personal review of, a website which “claims” to pay its members up to $10 by referral link click and $25 sign up bonus. Additionally, it’s written on the site description that members can earn more than $1500 in their very first week of joining. If you are wondering whether this site’s service is scam, legitimate, trustworthy or simply a waste of time, then this review is what you should read.

From time to time, new sites pop up on the internet. Many claim to offer what is “termed” as too good to be true services which end up as being pure scams while others will offer trustworthy and legit services. The same has been happening and is still when it comes to what “claims” to offer.

Taking note of the current situation worldwide, you can see how impossible it is for anyone to pay you up to $10 just for having someone else click on the referral link, be it him or her joining. The fact is that on the net are many work at home job hunters, which makes it easier for them to join high paying sites like that, and which when one calculates, it definitely means that a site will be paying more money.


When you take a look at the screenshot above, trust me you will wonder where that money which is “claimed” as being paid already to members by comes from. Yes, just think of it and tell me, do you see it possible? I guess you see how a huge claim like that is enough to show whether its scam or legit.

What happens on is that you join for free either directly or through referral link (there is no need to verify your email – one point to note), log into your created account (no need to update info like password, contacts, etc – another point to note), see your free $25 signup bonus (free but you can’t withdraw it), copy your referral link and start promoting it by way of sharing with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Email and any other.


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Once your friends click on your link and join, you earn up to $10 each. Once you accumulate the minimum payment threshold, that is when the tag of war to withdraw starts. You are required to undergo a series of unending surveys after which it is “claimed” that you will be paid after you complete them.

One thing I note about this and other related sites is the fact that they use members to fill their surveys and benefit from members efforts. No one has ever shared of being paid apart from the written “claims” on site that they have paid etc $$ in any given day and the last one being after a few seconds.

If you are wondering whether is legitimate or scam site, just keep watching. While it’s obvious that the available signs show that it is, I can’t personally say that it is. Later when I reach minimum threshold, I will share with you if I was able to get the money or not and you will be able to judge that either it is scam or legit trustworthy site to spend your time on and make some good cash.

KWS Adams

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6 Responses

  1. Owho says:

    God will punishment them if at the end I can’t get my $600,

  2. omooba adewale says:

    I hate to say this. But I will have to say. is a fraud.

  3. kubalo m valentine says:

    They have to put mpesa which many people use to proove they are real and to be depositing the money direcly

  4. vicktour pius says:

    Hmmmmm! Am speechless. Am vicktour and i hav 370$ in my earnings but I can’t get paid, are you for real After so many sleepless night that I suffered working for you n yet I can’t be paid. Is der a way I can reach d admin….? Thanks.

  5. Akoha Raphael says:

    my name is Raphael and I have up to $325 after I have invited my friends to click and register on the link but the problem now is that for the past 3 days I have been trying to get the money it not working and I don’t understand it my friends that I introduced this to were now insulting me that this is a scam since I can’t get the money please let me know if there’s any means I can be paid and notify me when this is approved.thanks

    • Vipin kumar says:

      I m also having a same problem and i have $625 in my account but not able to withdraw at all….so kindly inform me that could i get the money or it’s fake….or how to withdraw……thanx…..

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