RushCard Prepaid Visa Card Review – How It Works – Eligibility, Applying & Adding Money

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I have reviewed many, and now, it’s the RushCard Prepaid Visa Card, one which allows you to get cash at supported ATM locations worldwide, to shop on sites like eBay, Amazon, POS and others, pay all your bills, buy anything and anytime online, and get Direct Deposits directly onto your card.

Yes, what you will read in this review is what RushCard Prepaid Visa Card claims to offer, and something which many say that is real. And if you had never heard of this service provider, then just keep reading and in case you knew about them already, you too should read and know them in detail as in how they work, the kind of services they offer, how to make use of your card and more others.

In this same post, you will find out whether you are eligible for RushCard Prepaid Visa Card, how to apply and how to add money on it or fund or reload.

How it works on RushCard

There are about 4 main things when it comes to the above, and they include picking your card, picking a plan, activating and loading money, using your card and lastly managing your account.

Picking your card – You chose one which fits your needs including the color, apply for it, pay a One Time Fee of between $3.95 – $9.95, based on which card you choose and wait it to arrive within 7 – 10 days upon successful verification of your identifications. There are no minimum balances required and nor credit checks.

Picking a plan – You either chose a Rush Unlimited Plan, one which allows you to get un-limited signatures and PIN transactions. It involves a monthly Fee of $7.95 – or $5.95 for every month you are enrolled and using Direct Deposit. Or, you chose a Pay As You Go Plan which involves a $1.00 for each purchase up to a maximum of $10 per calendar month.

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Activating and loading money – This is the step which allows you to start using your card when you cross it. Its where you chose a PIN and load funds on your account. Funds can be loaded through paycheck or government benefits direct deposits, Walmart checks or cash at retail locations nationwide. Retail locations include but not limited to Reload-at-Register, Moneygram, Western Union Reload+ and many more others.

Using your card – You can verify PayPal, eBay, shop, buy online, withdraw your cash and others. In events of card loss, your funds on the card are protected by their Visa Zero Liability policy.

Managing your account – Here is where you will be able to select and chose how you can manage your RushCard Prepaid Visa Card account. You can set up up text3 or email alerts, use mobile apps, check balance, get EPP Codes and access your account any time.

When you check their website, you will find more information on Rush card application, log in, direct deposit, mobile, full site, customer service, 1 800 number, tax refunds, Transferring Money, Purchases, Plans, Fees chart, live and many others.

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RushCard Prepaid Visa Card Review – How It Works – Eligibility, Applying & Adding Money

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