Sad News: Airtel Uganda Terminates BlackBerry Subscriptions

Airtel Uganda Suspends Blackberry Subscriptions Airtel Uganda, known as the Smartphone Network has finally terminated their long time supported BlackBerry Subscriptions. This means that subscribers who have been using their Blackberry devices to access services like Data, BIS and etc will no longer be able to subscribe to their favorite subscriptions. Yes, but what does this mean to those who still have own these devices with no hope of buying iOS or Android supported operating system devices?

According to the Airtel Uganda webpage [1],a message reads as quoted below. After going through it, I really felt sorry for the current users well as as a once BB device owner, I welcomed the development.

Blackberry Subscription
We are truly grateful for the continued support and patronage that you have shown Airtel Uganda over the years. It is our sincere hope that as we strive to provide improved network quality and services, your business will continue to prosper.
After careful consideration of the changing trends and increased costs in the telecom industry, Airtel will no longer offer support towards Blackberry services. While this mobile device has been an important part of our story at Airtel, the support costs are high. This was a tough decision for us to make.
We kindly request you to purchase any other Smartphone of your choice from our outlets so as to continue enjoying Airtel products and services. In addition you will receive FREE 1GB per month for 2 months
Termination of black berry services will be effective 1st November 2016.
We once again thank you for continued support and we look forward to building this relationship to a greater horizon.

According to the message above. Airtel Uganda says that while Blackberry is a good device, the support costs are high am sure compared to the returns. And just like any other business, profiting is always a target where by in such situations where costs go past the returns, tough choices are opted for.

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As a current Blackberry smartphone owner, Airtel Uganda advises and recommends you to switch to other operating system devices including iOS, Android and others which seem to be becoming popular day by day according to trends.

With many mobile phones and smart device manufactures using Android and iOS operating systems, the prices these devices are sold at have been normalizing day by day in that on a site like in [Smartphones, you can own a device which supports Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Twitter and etc from as low as $10. Wondering of this is possible, take a look at our Product reviews here.

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