SafeBoda Reviews! How It Works and Tricks

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SafeBoda Reviews

If your wish is to Ride safely and reach your destination in time while at the same time savings lots off your usual transport fares, then SafeBoda Uganda looks to be the ultimate solution to your need. I have personally taken so many rides with SafeBoda and a reason I am sharing this review so you can too get to know and understand what it’s all about them.

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SafeBoda is one of the best among the different BodaBoda rider services around Kampala, Uganda’s capital city including UberBoda, Taxify and the likes. With the aim of “modernizing informal transportation and ensure safe access to mobility”, at least I can personally tell that the SafeBoda service is safe, fair and convenient.

What is SafeBoda Uganda?

In simple terms, SafeBoda is your city ride. They are available all around the city and ready to ride you safely to your destinations at the cheapest costs.

How does SafeBoda Uganda work?

How safeboda works

SafeBoda’s way of working is a professional one. All you need as a client is to download their Android or iOS application for free from your device store, install it and run it.  Once you have activated the app, you launch (open) it, input your destination, input your pickup point and Hit search. Your riders information including name and Helmet number will be displayed and too the Rider will call you to confirm.

And once the rider arrives, of course the Trip will be activated and you will be ready to Ride. As soon as you reach your destination, the amount you are supposed to pay will be displayed and you pay. You can the rate your ride at anytime of your convenient.

How to ensure you aren’t cheated as a Rider?

If you are a frequent Rider, I am sure you are families with the different destination rates. Personally, I am used and at least know how much I am supposed to be with besides the estimated costs shown in the app dashboard. In order to ensure that you are not overcharged on a same destination, you shouldn’t make stops on the way unless you well explain to the Rider.

It happened to me when I requested for a Ride from URA Nakawa to Ovino Shopping mall and my estimated cost was between 2500-3500 UGX. A seconds stop to pick a letter from a person who was already waiting for me made my fares double to 6500 UGX after reaching the final destination.

To me, I looked at this as being cheated and of course had to ask someone more familier about the service who shared with me about stop points. All I knew, the Rider must have pressed the Add stop point thus huking my charges even though this didn’t make me lose interest in them. The next time you are taking a ride with SafeBoda, just ensure that if it is shopping, you already did so you can avoid the add stop points and their results.

Final Verdict about SafeBoda Uganda

SafeBoda to me is a service I can highly recommend to anyone who prefers to use a Boda Boda instead of a vehicle. Besides riding at the lowest rates, the Riders are well trained, follow road and traffic rules and have good customer care. These Riders are very careful when riding. Unlike other usual boda boda’s, the SafeBoda’s take your safely as priority and will inquire just in case for example route changes. Truly, I like the service!

SafeBoda Reviews! How It Works and Tricks

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