Safeko Nitrile Exam Gloves, Box of 200 Gloves

Protect your hands from germs and infections using Safeko nitrile exam gloves. Being nitrile powder-free, they are perfect when it comes to rubber, latex, and/or donning powder sensitivity. They are latex-free, non-allergenic, and non-irritating which makes them a good choice for use.

These Safeko nitrile powder-free exam gloves are meant for both medical, auto industry, law enforcement, tattoo industry, gardening, hair coloring, and household use. They offer extraordinary strength and puncture resistance while maintaining tactile sensitivity, thus being ideal for multipurpose use.

With the recommendation to keep our hands safe more especially during the Covid 19 pandemic, making use of Safeko nitrile exam gloves in a box of 200 will offer not only you but all of your loved ones, relatives and friends protection against germs.

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