SAVE BIG Off This 2.0L Electric Kettle Price on Kilimall Uganda

Last Updated on December 11, 2020 by KWS Adams
 electric kettle price Uganda

The long-awaited colorful 220v 1500w 2.0l stainless steel electric kettle is finally on sale in Uganda online. I bought this product a few weeks back, and I can share with you that indeed, as described, you will get the exact benefits associated. No more worries about that morning charcoal dust – a simple plugin and out of your power socket makes your morning coffee readily available and in time.

I am that one old lazy fellow who hates waking up earlier than usual. For more than seven years, I used to suffer every time she wasn’t around to prepare my coffee. I would find it hard to wake up, light the charcoal stove, and boil my tea. But guess what, now I am the very first to wake up and so since it is very simple to use the high-quality 2.0-liter electric kettle I bought off Kilimall.

If by any chance you are like how I was, then you are lucky. With up to Ugx 20,100 off the usual price of this Kettle, you will be able to make your order and have it delivered to your location free of charge. Additionally, you will be joining a list of happy stainless steel product users who enjoy the known benefits of using such products.

Electric kettle specifications

  • Automatic control system.
  • Better storage power cord.
  • Anti-scald protection effect.
  • 4-6 minute boiling time.
  • Stainless steel material.
  • Is 2.0L
  • 220V 1500W

Why this product?

In the past, I tried a number of products. But sadly, not all of them produced satisfactory results. But for this I bought from Kilimall, I was able to find peace and my wife is very happy. I no longer bother her to wake up every day to do the same task since I can do it myself.

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Additionally, the buying price is good. Imagine saving up to Ugx 20,100 off from the usual 79,000. Do you know what it means to save in Uganda and how much ugx 20,100 can purchase? If you think I am wrong, go Shoprite downtown and browse through the list of what you can take home.

Thirdly, the product itself is good and super rated. From material to capacity, automatic power off and etc. This product answers this what is the “electric kettle price in Uganda”.

Where to buy it?

I bought mine from Kilimall and saved Ugx 20,100. You can also make use of the same offer and see how much you will save. My box contained 1x of the same product.  Also, you get fast free delivery basing on where you are located.

SAVE BIG Off This 2.0L Electric Kettle Price on Kilimall Uganda

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