Selecting The Correct Video Production Equipment For Your Film Project

If you have a love for film making, then the best part of doing it is to have a good video gear of your own. Do not look for a one-size-fits-all package when shopping for film making gears since there’s no such thing. People don’t want the same thing. Moreover, there are factors one needs to consider as well. Some of the factors you need to consider include the budget, location, project type and your skill level. Just make sure though that you get all the fundamental video production equipment.

Having your own video equipment is one of the first steps to videography, especially if you have a passion for making films. Select a film-making gear carefully to make sure that you get the right one for you. Each individual has their preference and needs. Consider your options first. These factors are budget, location, project type, and your skill level. There are several equipment to get, but obtaining the basic video gear in your list as well should be included in your priority.

Remember that you can begin shooting even if you don’t own an expensive video lights. As long as you have the five basic video items, nothing can stop you from finishing your video project. And these are the following:

Camera – When it comes to cameras, you don’t have to choose the brand new model. If you want to opt for the most popular brands, then choose Sony, Canon, or Panasonic. These cameras provide features and qualities that will enable you to make an extraordinary video. Even a simple iPhone can be utilized for lightweight film video taking. Thus, an affordable camera that provides quality videos is something you should go after.

Tripod – Make sure your shots are kept steady. In this case, you will need a reliable tripod that costs less than $200. An improvised tripod may have an economic advantage, but you will only regret it once your camera gets a shaky shot or if it falls down from a table. With a tripod, you can easily set the correct angles, and get a nice steady shot.

Backdrop – This is probably the least expensive equipment for the shooting because if you really need a backdrop for your model, you only need to use a clean sheet. Nonetheless, it is suggested that you invest in a thick plain colored fabric. If you find it difficult to choose among the colors, opt for black.

Lighting – Lighting is essential as it boosts the quality of your shots. Models will appear tired on cam when their face have shadows on them. Hence, with right lighting, it will make everything natural and pleasing. Outdoor shots should be taken while the weather is good so you can utilize the natural light. The video shot will look better because of this. Beginners are advised to experiment with lighting first by placing it on the subject at the right angles. Nonetheless, if you have the funds, opting for white light bulbs is much better than the yellow light bulbs.

Audio – If the audio has poor quality, then your attempt to improve the quality of your shot will be lost. If there’s no clear audio, your audience will have difficulty comprehending your message. Audio is actually more significant than the video, according to experts. This is why you need a dependable microphone too. There are various kinds of microphones. Camera mounted mics, stand-alone microphones, and wireless mics are the most typical. Rest assured you can get one around $200 to $300.
Don’t forget to read product reviews to guide you in your search for video lights. Film makers who already tried utilizing the gadget will say if it was very helpful or a waste of money that is why reading a number of product reviews is recommended.

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