Senegal: Development of a Cash and Livelihoods Guidance Note based on the 2015 CaLP Global Learning Events in Senegal

If you are searching for a career/employment opportunity, why not take your time and try out on this one? Here is another Job Opportunity In Senegal: Development of a Cash and Livelihoods Guidance Note based on the 2015 CaLP Global Learning Events in Senegal

Organization: Cash Learning Partnership
Country: Senegal
Closing date: 16 Sep 2015

The CaLP is looking for a consultant to document the key learning points arising from the Global Leaning Event in Senegal and to use this information to generate a Guidance Note on the current state of knowledge, best practice and future opportunities in these regions in relation to the use of cash transfer programming for support to the development and protection of sustainable livelihoods.

The consultant will also provide support to the dissemination of the findings and Guidance Note, through development of a short (30 minute) PowerPoint presentation and through providing support to the preparation and facilitation of a webinar.


  • Applicants should have traceable referees and records of previous work on Cash Transfer Programming and guidance note development / case study documentation
  • Knowledge and experience of the region where the Learning Event will be held.
  • Previous experience of dissemination of consultancy / research findings through webinar
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in French and English.
  • Strong report writing skills and research experience related to the use of cash based programming

How to apply:

Proposal Submissions:

Expression of Interest (including technical and financial proposals) must be sent to the CaLP Global Administration Officer Joseph Rudulph at [email protected] by the 16 th of September 2015 along with the CV(s).

Or please follow the link below to review complete terms of reference and apply online:

NOTE: CaLP will review and interview the applications as they are received and may award the consultancy to a suitable candidate before the end of the advertisement period.

Any additional clarifications on the consultancy should be addresses to the CaLP Capacity Building Project Manager on e-mail address [email protected]

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