Best 5 SEO-Based Automation Tools for Better Search Ranking

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Quality forms of SEO services are quite expensive and rather hard to find as you have to dedicate commitment, time, and technical expertise for that. So, for people new to SEO, it is hard to understand how much it will actually take to get exact results. It can rather prove to be frustrating.

Fortunately, the market houses SEO-based automation tools, which will help you big way in your journey to reach the top of SERP and can further help you save money and time. This will further help you to avoid any kind of mentally-strenuous and monotonous SEO tasks such as competitor monitoring, rank tracking, and backlinks analysis. Want to know more about the SEO-based automation tools, which will work great? Let’s just jump right into it.

Focusing on SE Ranking:

SE Ranking is always stated to be a great tool, which helps in automating routine SEO tasks like keyword research, backlink monitoring, website analysis, rankings supervision, and more. Users will further get insights into the strategies of competitors and create a blueprint on how you can get right at top of search ranks with the help of minimum investments around here.

  • As this happens to be all-inclusive SEO software, you are free from purchasing any additional tool to use it.
  • You can further get the SEO tasks covered with the help of the same user-friendly interface and right on the same platform.
  • Furthermore, this tool offers a very deep analysis of the quality and quantity of backlinks, which are well connected to backlinks and websites of competitors. In case you need some help in devising a marketing strategy, SE Ranking might be that tool for you.


A1QA happens to be test automation software, which is used for measuring the stability and performance rate of the website. Even the experts from make it a point to dedicate some time to use this item. These factors of stability and performance rate will relate to SEO growth directly. Websites with some performance issues will definitely get punished in the current search rankings. So, it is your duty to know if the website seems to work well, and you might have to do yourself a favor.

  • This tool is here to offer you with best ever test options, which will include mobile tests, keyword-driven tests, and cross-browser tests.
  • It will offer you comprehensive assurance that this site is up right from the scratch, and it will be working as it should be.

Going for the Traffic Booster:

StoreYa is here to offer you Traffic Booster, which will offer amazing SEO automation services for the Pay Per Click ads. This tool is known to use a powerful form of a proprietary algorithm, which will help in elevating users, right to the top spot.

  • This form of service is mainly designed for the current e-commerce companies, for analyzing short “application” forms, which the business owners might fill in while creating ads.
  • This tool will define the target audience of the brand, along with relevant keywords and the most effective forms of channels and tactics for serving ads.
  • This tool is here to help companies handle ad activities and algorithms for optimizing campaigns and reaching out to more sales for the lowest possible rate.
  • This tool will further ensure that your website receives only the best and most relevant traffic, which in turn, will push the SERPs level.

HootSuite is another one on the list:

If you think you have seen enough of the SEO automation tool, then think again! The market houses so many options lately and you need to choose the best one among the lot. HootSuite can be one such addition that you should never miss out on for sure. It is often termed to be a powerful form of social media tool, which helps in automating all kinds of social media activities right now.

  • With the help of this tool, you get the chance to track some keywords and even manage different Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and some other posts.
  • You can further use the tool for managing scheduled posts on various social media channels and also estimating success.
  • This service will help you to save a lot of money and time by just managing sharing activities in one place for sure.
  • The thing to like more about this tool is associated with the scheduling feature, which will help in making the work more organized. It will add another extra name to the to-do list every day.
  • If you want, you can further use the HootSuite SEO automation tool from mobile devices, which will add more value to the tool and its convenience.


Known mostly as an innovative form of marketing solution, RIO SEO helps out online brands in more than one way. It is a perfect way to win over multiple clients towards your side. RIO SEO comprises a website optimizer, which is often termed a saving grace.

  • It helps in integrating the SEO recommendations and also creates a search engine-based version designed for your website.
  • This form of website optimizer helps in providing you with a dashboard, where you get the chance to add content and pages to the website.
  • If you want, you can further rewrite URLs with the help of this tool, and complete all kinds of necessary tasks designed for on-page SEO services.
  • It is true that the services do not come that cheap, but this perfect tool is what you need for managing your larger e-commerce enterprises.


The most promising example of an SEO automation tool has to be YourAmigo, which is another example of an awesome search engine supplement to all your SEO efforts. Here, the focus is mainly on long tail search. This tool helps in finding keywords, which will create pages depending on the systems and their conversion rates and search volumes. So, for your next big automated solution, this tool is best for authority building.

There are some expensive and some non-expensive options in store for you. Go through the list and make way for the right choice.

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