Setup A Fully Working WordPress Self Hosted Site In Less Than A Minute Guide

This tutorial is all about how you can set up a fully working WordPress blog or site in less than a minute. Yes, its a self-hosted site running on the downloadable content management system. If you are wondering how and its possibility, better read this post in full since it has it all.

First, did you know that WordPress is the one most loved and favorite CMS for many people across the world? Whether you are a blogger, a developer, an entrepreneur, a freelancer, an affiliate commission earner and any other, using, it has it all and can help you transform your site to anything with single click.

The same WordPress is for free for as long as you are ready to download it and have it uploaded on your web hosting servers, and which is what this tutorial is all about.

Let’s begin doing it – the step by step to having your site up and running in a less than a minute without hiring an expert. Its a DIY guide.

1. Download your WP content management system free from

2. Unzip it and view the unzipped folder files using a File Extractor software.

3. Click on Add files and rename the new folder for example Press with extension ZIP and save on desktop.

4. Search for Server unzipping php file and upload the two (your new zipped WordPress file and the server unzip php) to your hosting servers using an ftp client. Make sure to change the php file security to 777 from 644.

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5. Now run your domain name URL in your favorite browser and click on the Unzip php file. Accept prompt and click on your WP uploaded file for unzip.

You are done. You can now see the word press folders online. Now log into your ftp and delete all the two you uploaded. Head back to your site URL and do the last configurations.

All of the above can be done in less than a minute depending on how you do things and your internet upload and download speeds.

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