Review! Is Legit Service or a Scam?

Wondering whether Simpletraffic is a legit human website traffic provider worth to spend on or simply another scam offering bot type of traffic, read on. Being the new talk around the web on the different webmaster forums and SEO related websites, you ought to find out what exactly Simpletraffic co offers and whether you need their service or not. is a website which “claims” to help your business grow by driving real website visitors to your website, blog, affiliate links, etc at the best prices. In addition to what the subscription you chose, you are given up to 2500 free visitors on your 5 day free trial which allows you test their service before you pay.

But, is Simpletraffic legitimate? This is why I wrote this review, and I am sure it’s the same reason you are here reading this. Understanding a service before you eventually subscribe to it is very important as it helps not to regret in the future since you make a decision after getting some knowledge on what others who used the service had to say. Without wasting much time, let me answer a few of your questions.

How does work

You visit their website, click pricing and select a plan which comes with 5 day free trial valid for 2,500 visitors at 500 hits daily. Depending on your subscription, you get between 500 to 20,000 hits per day which is enough to boost your website in terms of visits. During the trial period, you have the option to decide and continue with your subscription or not. Traffic is driven to your target link depending on what you configured up.

In brief, a visitor is received by Simpletraffic on one of their parked domain names or rented website, target matching is analysed to confirm that the visitor they send matches your target including the demographic location and the visitor is forwarded to the final destination which is your target website.

What are benefits of Simple traffic?

From what is added on their homepage, subscribers benefit inform of generating more revenue, getting more clicks, improving search rankings and boosting in Google analytics. Since this is paid traffic, you will be getting the number of hits as agreed in your subscription. And if those hits can convert into sales, of course you will be making some good money out of your business. When you confirm your order, you get real time subscription, helpful insights and tracking, advanced targeting and 5 day free trial.

Is Simpletraffic Google AdSense safe?

Briefly, I will refer you to the Google AdSense program policies. If you want to keep your AdSense account in good standing, I strongly recommend that you adhere to their policies. Keep out of this kind of traffic why? You don’t need to regret afterwards. From their website, they say that their traffic works with all advertising partners but, I am personally not using it on AdSense enabled sites for clients to be on the safe side. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend you do either.

Simpletraffic pricing

The screenshot above taken from their website speaks for its self. You can choose a pricing which suits your needs with regard to traffic. Pick from $15 per month to $400. Your choice. This information is found under pricing.

Simpletraffic alternatives

There are lots of alternatives websites involved in this kind of business. Sites like Xtraffic are well known for sending traffic to your website and blog. Also,, freeonemillionhits, etc are likely to do you the work assuming you are seeking for multiple traffic boosting options for your business.

Is Simpletraffic legit or scam

Hey, its too early for me to jump onto the conclusion. As of now, my client website is receiving hits as promised well as we haven’t seen the conversion. If the word legit is determined by delivery as opposed to leads, may be yes. But if it is all about conversion for example making sales out of the traffic, then you got to keep checking back for an update since so far traffic is coming but no leads. Since it’s an affiliate website being tested, I will update once we are half way and share whether my client made a sale or not.

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